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I wanted to take your advice...
No, Ivan,
it wants not moral integrity:
it wants a lucky guy.
everybody here is lucky,
unlucky ones are left
behind the partition door..
- How about casting a lot?
- Cards may be a better option.
Let's play 'fool'.
A 'fool' will go...
-With straps.
- Everyone here is with straps.
But one...
'Young to Poupyr. P.S.
'Which in Greek
means 'see below'.
'Yesterday I drank the sea water.
That's something!
'Something you will never
'I'll come back
and tell you...'
Comrades... Officers...
I have so much to tell you...
Words fail me.
I have words,
but they are not proper.
I thought real heroes
never existed, they were
just made up by people.
But you are real heroes,
you are real Russian sailors.
Forgive me forthinking ill
about you
once in a while...
Forgive me, that it is me
who is going, and not...
Forgive me if you can.
I will do my best
I will do my best to...
You asked me to sing a song,
but it is a Ukrainian song.
So you're Ukrainian!
I knewjust as well!
And you said
it was of no importance.
My mother was Ukrainian,
my father no one knows who.
So, you asked me...
This is a 3 mm latex foryou.
Comrade captain,
may he take my cap,
for extra warmth.
God be with you.
Bend your head.
Comrade captain,
may I write a note?
To be ashamed of it later?
No notes!
Sit down. We need to remove
airfrom the diving-suit.
Otherwise you will hit
the surface like a cork.
Breathe quietly, slowly, okay?
With this you click onto moussings.
and exhale 14 times.
Then you move up till
the next moussing, okay?
Don't be rush.
You crawl up and push the buoy
in front of you.
As soon as you reach
the front lid,
knock with this clevis.
One knock -you're fine,
two knocks: we let in sea
water and align pressure.
Three knocks: we open
the front lid.
As soon as you are out,
fix the clevis to a hook
on the left side of the hull.
An eye-hole-like hook...
A hook like this...
Don't forget to fasten it,
or else you and us... Understand?
When you reach the surface,
quickly move this thing
to the atmospheric breathing.
And yell at the top
of your lungs,
to get rid of nitrogen
in your blood.
Otherwise it will be
caisson disease foryou.
Don't remove your
hydro-suit on the shore,
it will be heavy,
at least you will not freez,
Take care of the breather
while crawling along the pipe.
Then keep on running,
like a sprinting hippo...
You climb the hill and
you'll see the town below:
traffic lights, the curb...
You'll walk along the curb
And you'll see a woman...
Awoman, and another woman.
Oh yeah!
Do it.
You may go free,
great people.
Oxygen left
for 12 more hours.
Hey, Fresher.
Fancy for an orange?
I know this trick.
Then you'll say:
no oranges.
You're wrong.
Help yourself, sir.
Ticking on.
I've neverthought
how great life is.
Nikolai, how are you?
I want to go to Venice.
It's where Othello strangled
his Desdemona.
Great foryou.
We'll go sight seeing.
Only he strangled her
in Cyprus.
What a shame.
'cause I want to go to Venice...
Translated by
Svetlana Kormashova


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