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into two equal parts.
If you fix it to her horns,
the explosion will be as strong
as a hammer blow
from the local smith.
To the horns!
A bit to the right.
Not to hurt her eyes.
Everything will be all right,
I was right: the submarine was
not on a firm ground.
Is it on a firm ground now?
Now it is.
I nearly had a yellow streak.
Me, too.
So afterthis story
the cow started giving milk.
I bit my tongue.
We hit the bottom,
but we are together,
and Spartak is the best!
Spartak is the best!
Golden fish, keep us all
I am not afraid, not at all.
Maybe a little bit.
Board 26! Here is the principal
direction of the search.
The sector 90- 090...
We are going out by threes.
The first and the last will
be the most experienced ones.
I will stay in.
When you all surface,
captain Orlov
will go back here
with a breather,
and we go up together...
what about your diving suit?
- No more questions.
- Yes, sir.
Comrade captain,
my breather is defective.
Same with mine.
And with mine, too.
Krauz, you were in charge
of breathers, weren't you?
Have you checked them?
Have they been in order?
Don't you have anything
to tell us?
I report:
I had no time to sell this,
I should have left them
with my daughter.
My wife said:
Wearthem yourself, Hans.
I promised, when our daughter was
born... with rubies.
Unpaid debts - is a bad sign.
I shouldn't have taken them along.
- Tie him up!
-With what?
Gimme the scarf.
Don't humiliate me, Peter.
Why, Nikolai?
A knuckle sandwich will
tell him about discipline.
Lieutenant Orlov!
Discipline goes as follows:
you are the last sailor
in my cell!
The last sailor?
Do you know who is to be
the last but one?
So, brothers,
you have blown it!
- You were receiving the breathers?
- Lieutenant Orlov!
Stop it!
- Restore power supply.
- Yes.
Mukhambetov! Follow me
with the instruments!
Playing dolls with them?
Hit them in the mugs!
Better late, than never.
- Say it!
-We were standing...
- Go on!
- Then he came up and said:
'Let's go and receive breathers.'
We took a truck
and set off.
We would stop every
now and then.
Why? What for?
When Krauz saw someone
passing by
he would tell the driver
to stop and he'd go out.
Then he went out
and ordered us to go
and get the breathers.
Get the breathers. Go!
Yes, sir!
- He tried to sell earrings.
- You know, captain...
Krauz's wife two-times him
with a kiosk guy,
because he has heaps of money,
and a sailor has empty pockets,
although he has ten autonomous
missions to his credit.
Krauz loves his wife,
and they have a daughter...
So he started borrowing money
to buy earrings,
to keep his promise.
And the bitch
wouldn't accept them.
- How do you know this?
-After a hearty drink...
You drink with someone,
he opens his heart to you.
Though, there is a risk
of opening your own heart.
I see.
So, you received the breathers?
Did you check them?
We were told: 'The breathers
are fresh from the plant.'
We said: We have to check them.
They said: check any one
at random.
-And the truck was honking.
- Have you checked them?
- Only one.
-Was it charged?
Nelly, I propose to you,
from my very heart.
Hey, Romeo, 'twas not
in the deal.
- You'll break your neck.
- Don't worry.
Pick up your stuff.
I've come foryou.
Vanya and I are getting
I know that you love 'me'.
Not him, but me.
Vanya and I are getting married.
We'll rectify it right now.
Hold it!
- Peter.
- Shit!
- Lieutenant Orlov!
- Here!
- Come to me.
- Yes, sir!
We'll come back
and get repaired.
- Take a seat.
- Yes, sir!
Whom, in your opinion,
shall we send?
A sailor is no advisor
to a captain.
Sorry I hurt yourfeelings.
I lost my nerve.
We need someone
physically strong,
a good swimmer and diver,
an experienced person.
And a person
of moral integrity.
I know such a person.
Captain Ivan
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