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I have known Yanychar
since military school.
Speak to the point.
I am sure: despite
his mischief
he would never leave
the assigned area...
Evidently the submarine was
moved away by underwater currents.
He should be somewhere here.
-Are you sure?
- Yes.
72 meters.
Not far away from home.
Comrade commander,
there are 12 breathers,
and we are 13.
Does it mean
that someone stays behind?
I even know who stays behind.
Everybody rests.
Wake up time at six a.m.
Who is to be the thirteenth
- Haven't yet decided.
- Let it be me.
It all happened
because of me.
Not because of me personally,
because of this watch.
Your granddad gave it to you
before his death:
you said you wanted to become
a submariner.
- I've heard this story.
- Not exactly.
When I told him
I wanted to be a submariner,
he said: 'No way!
'And no watch foryou!'
And he died afterthat.
He was a very obnoxious person.
- He did not like submariners?
- He hated them.
His girlfriend had walked out
on him with a submariner.
So when he was lying
in the coffin, ljust...
- Lifted the watch?
- He did not need it anyway.
He was dead already!
What a man! You're still
full of surprises.
So it is all because of me.
- Can't you see?
My granddad went to war
in this area,
he set mines.
So it was his mine!
- His mine?
- He has taken revenge on me!
Because of the watch!
Now is it clear?
Yes. Go to sleep.
Chernenko, what kind
of a song do you sing
when you feel afraid?
My mother's.
Sing it now.
I can't go to sleep.
-Will you?
- Oh, no.
Don't be too proud...
See, you have a mother. You
said you were Ionely.
My mother is dead.
I am sorry.
Comrade commander!
Tell us some story. You have
a way of telling funny stories.
A screamer, eh. Just the right
time forfunny stories.
OK, you deserve it.
I'll tell you a fairy tale.
Not about a cockerel,
but about a cow.
This was not long ago,
but long ago, it seems.
Our army seemed to be
almost done for.
And it still seems
almost done for.
Some army: people were afraid
to wear uniforms.
They'd steal and trade
from old underwear
to secret torpedoes,
at the same price, mind you.
Officers became bandits,
bankers, politicians.
But only two orthree persons
had left Gena...
So to survive through the winter
we went to a collective farm
to dig some potatoes.
Comrade commander,
they've brought empty sacks.
I say, empty sacks...
I and Gena doubled in
at an old lady's.
And her cow was even older,
nobody milked it
for a hundred years,
so the old lady decided
to have it slaughtered.
Somehow our citizens
are convinced
that a Russian mariner
may slaughter anybody,
even a cow.
I'll fry some liverforyou
and make steaks. Only slaughter
my beloved cow, pretty please.
Granny Manya, how can I ever
do it?
I am a submariner.
I had no wish
to slaughter her beloved cow.
I am fond of animals
since childhood.
Please, do it, my dear.
-Will you offer me a bottle?
- Two bottles!
Today they paid my daughter
with pepper vodka.
- I found a concertina.
Take it. You are welcome.
We had a miner, his name was...
never mind his name...
He'd slaughter
his own brother,
let alone a cow,
for a bottle,
Very well.
So I went to look for him,
but he was nowhere to be found.
So I went to Gena...
-Will she give us vodka?
- Two bottles!
We'll do this!
- The cow has a heart...
- on the left side...
On the left side.
If we put her
on her hind legs,
it will be on the left side...
But also the cow has horns.
Too bad.
How about cracking a bottle
Comrade captain.
You were looking for me?
A problem with a cow?
- Comrade captain, may I?
- Go ahead.
There is another way
of killing it. A secret weapon.
Explosion... No...
Guided action.
Here it is...
The newest development.
It all depends on where
you place the charge.
If you place it
underthe cow's tail,
it will be
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