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the boat is a mess, but
the eggs are intact.
They lie quietly
in their cells.
An egg is
the nature's mystery.
- The partition door is locked!
- Have you tried to open it?
I have. They did not let me
turn the rack gear.
- Have you knocked?
- Yes.
- So?
- They knocked me back.
Rap shall win!
- How many breathers do we have?
- Twelve.
- Twelve?
- Exactly.
Let us try it again:
you go first and I follow you.
Or vice versa.
We may knock, but I think
they will not let us in.
Why not?
By the Book, they've no right
to let us in.
I wonder why?
Because it is prohibited by SI!
Attention, I'm commander
of cell 3.
If you hear me, answer.
I repeat:
If you hear me, answer.
We hearyou very well.
We hearyou very well.
I am sailor Fresher.
It may be one-way
If you hear me - give a knock.
How many of you are there?
Two, it seems.
Or he surfaced to get some air.
You have so many abbreviations:
High pressure air.
-And SI?
-What do you need it for?
You never know.
Survival Instructions read:
no letting in.
- Categorically.
- Of course it's a risk, but...
We may all get drowned here.
Ten is betterthan two.
suppose it was you
behind the partition?
I wouldn't knock
in their place.
We're getting ready
to let you in. Clear?
At first we give you HPA.
By this time the doorto cell 3
should be open. Clear?
Watch the level to be reduced.
On reaching the third cell,
batten yourselves down,
give us a knock and
stand by.
Give HPA!
Align pressure
between the cells.
Legkostupov, be careful!
I hope you all know
how to blow the air?
Quickly to the partition door.
When the level
reduces, batten yourself down.
- In 1986 boat 320...
- I remember.
An 0.5 difference smashed
3 people against the wall.
Pressure in cells
reached seven point five.
I count to three.
On three we open the door.
'In this respect Assol
'was the same little girl
'who would every morning
'Good morning, God!' and
'Good night, God!'
'In her mind this little was
'forthe God to keep away
all her misfortunes.
'She knew that God was busy
with other mlns of people
'and minor shadows of life
'she should take
A child was born and made
his first step,
and his first words were 'Spartak'
'Spartak' is the best.
I root for 'Locomotive'.
We'll make you warm
and reform you.
The song makes things prosper.
All in your cell safe?
I battened down in time.
I was dead asleep and woke up
right in the water.
- Seen anybody?
- Yes.
I came on behalf
of the Commander.
It's not even me,
it is the baby who gets nervous.
And you left him behind?
No, he is here with me.
Usually he is quiet,
but today...
I even read a book to him...
- Did it help?
- For a while.
You know... They'll give you
a lift now
and then you'll go to sleep,
- ...sleep like an angel.
- Like an angel?
Yes. Because exercises
proceed as planned,
there is a contact
with the submarine.
Your husband has successfully
completed shooting...
I may send him your love
during next contact.
There is no need to do this.
It's not me, it's the baby
who gets nervous.
I see...
Now you've a sin on your soul.
You wanted me
to tell herthe truth?
Wait a second.
I know where to look forthem.
Have you sent our coordinates
to the HQ?
The emergency buoy
has been torn away by the storm.
We can't radio them
from underwater.
We have to surface.
Or at least to nearthe surface.
Which we can't do.
We can only... knock.
But we have to do something!
Do I irritate you?
Me? No.
Because even taxi drivers
stop talking to me
after a while.
- May I?
-Why not.
- Don't be too gluttonous.
- Yes.
Tomorrow we'll be leaving
through torpedo sections.
- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow.
-We'll be using moustings.
- Moussings, you shitty scholar!
Treat yourself,
Comrade Commander, may I?
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