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had her own way
of praying.'
Mama, read louder, I do not
sleep anyway,
and Gena is a sound sleeper.
I will stay with him.
-What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
I thought that was the end.
I got cramps in my leg.
-Where is Fresher?
-We were hit by a strong wave!
Have you been conceived
by a flaccid prick, scholar?
Didn't I tell you:
nojerking with your legs.
Fresher, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Never mind.
We'll shall yet break-dance
with you.
'We're made of different stuff',
Some scholar.
The road between Moscow and
Leningrad is lousy with them.
I know why you elbowed your
way to the submarine.
I know your kind.
You wanted triple salary, right?
You, scorpion.
You shouldn't have said this.
You don't know a thing
about me.
- Nor do I want to.
- But your status...
- Status of a soldier?
- I do not think it's funny.
You're right, status of
a defender of my country.
But whom should I defend here?
- Your self?.
- Myself.
Explain to me:
why the heck I should
defend you?
Because you have your straps,
and I haven't.
So what?
It is your duty to defend
citizens of your country.
Whetheryou like them or not.
- Is it clear now?
- Clear.
Aren't you a Ukrainian
guy by any chance?
I'm Russian. Why?
We had a guy named Chan -
also a Russian.
But he turned out to be
a Ukrainian, an ex-politician.
Comrades submariners!
Today we may at last say
that our cherished dream
came true.
Now we, citizens of
the free Ukraine,
possess the sea, the sun
and this sacred land.
We are no longer
somebody else's granary
feeding our hungry
and lazy big brother,
who is fond of drinking
into the bargain.
After some time our country
will become like Slavic
France or Canada.
Where is Ivan?
Nelly is in heavy
Today we are all to face
heavy labours.
Captain Ivanov!
- Yes, sir!
- You, pubic bone...
ljoin the military
and pledge solemnly
to the Ukrainian people
to be a loyal and faithful
to protect Ukraine,
its sovereignty...
To abide in good faith
Ukraine's Constitution
and its laws,
to keep the state
and military secrets.
I pledge to perform my duties
in the interests of
my compatriots,
neverto betray
the Ukrainian people.
Captain Konovalenko!
After Ivanov you,
Konovalenko, have no choice.
Olga won't forgive you.
Captain Konovalenko!
Mikola, you promised to your
wife and in-laws.
They are not here now.
You have your house and
garden here.
You prefer naked sands and
polar night
and rachitis foryour kids?
Those willing to take a pledge
to Ukraine
two steps forward.
The others follow me!
Yanychar, wait!
Hold your
people! It is an order!
You darned condom.
- 'Slav Girl Farewell'!
- Yes, sir!
The crew, march on!
I got frightened!
This is a pretty sham sinking!
I thought they were alive,
but they were all dead!
Shut up!
Why didn't you tell me the truth?
Where's the commander?
- Commander.
- You didn't tell me the truth!
You need the truth?
All right.
The third cell is flooded,
same as the second one.
If the first one is flooded
we are the only survivors.
And ourturn will also
come soon...
You know:
'The world paid so little
attention to him
'that he considered
himself a dead man'.
What are you going to do?
Will you bring here some light.
Give me a hand.
- Comrade captain...
- Here.
Wind gets stronger,
20 meters per second.
Turbulence 5 points. Visibility
reduced down to 5,5 km.
Continue the search
in the defined area.
Start sending signals in keeping
with the instructions.
Have you taken the pliers?
What do you mean: 'where'?
In our language
it means 'yes'.
Roman cleans the debris,
Put the hardware on torpedoes.
Deryugin, how are you?
Those rooting for 'Spartak'
are never stuck.
'Spartak' is the champion!
We are all champions here.
- Let it be light!
- Mukhambetov, you are the best.
I wonder, Ivan
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