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We've done it.
No way they'll find us now,
mother's beaver.
Now a birdie...
will fly out!
I'm conducting a research.
-A research.
Why bother me when
I'm off duty?
Can't I have a break
and read the Regulations?
Nelly and I are getting
I will tell you one thing
and you will change your mind.
- Say it.
- She loves me.
But I will be the father
of her children.
- How many?
-At least three.
I have neverthought
one can lose a friend
over a broad.
Broads are many, and you've
only one friend.
She's also only one.
Nevermind I'm so lean.
I've strong lungs.
I'll blow the balloon
till it explodes.
- Yes?
- Yes.
In this case - good bye.
Now you hit me.
Come on!
- Come on!
-Who are you?
Why should I hit you?
I am Peter Orlov, yourfriend.
I've no friends. I've never
heard about no Peter Orlov.
I am very sorry.
Why the ice?
Otherwise it may boil.
Sometimes it is too hot here.
- Do you change the water?
- Sure thing.
She is a full-scale
crew member.
I know drinking water is scarce
at submarines.
So, she's a full-scale
crew member
and lives in the sea water.
Silence mode...
Knocking sound on the port side,
What kind of sound?
Can't say for sure.
Look around in the cells.
Cell 7 checked, no problems.
Cell 6 checked, no problems.
All cells checked, Captain.
All seems normal,
comrade captain.
Comrades officers,
Raise your glasses,
feather oars!
To the newly weds!
To the newly weds!
I'd hit some vodka now.
A groom shouldn't drink
at his wedding.
I am not Ivan, but Peter.
Kiss the bride!
One, two, three...
Eleven! Twelve!
Be happy!
Emergency alarm.
What made you afraid?
Everything is all right.
Come. Youjust saw
a bad dream...
Everything isjust fine...
Water. Why water?
It's a disaster, captain,
we have sunk.
-What disaster?
- Something exploded.
-What exploded?
-A mine.
- I heard it's a mine.
- Heard from whom?
I don't know. Just heard them
-Are we going to die?
- Sure, but not now,
in a hundred years,
when we're old geezers.
Now look here, Fresher.
I go first, you follow me
in two seconds.
Hey, 'Slavs'!
Is anybody there?
Turn it off, youjerk!
Shut up and lighten
- O-o, it's you.
- It's me. Chernenko.
Give it to me.
He was giving us pills.
Antistressant. Keeps
your spirits higher...
Really? Not lower?
No, higher!
Confirmed by clinic tests.
Are you wailing after
taking a too many of your pills?
I'm not wailing.
I'm singing.
- Singing what?
-A song.
I always sing,
when it is... spooky.
You sing again - I'll bust
your singing piece in. Clear?
It is waterproof.
I specially bought it.
Can you explain to me
what happened?
Why should I?
It's not a real crash, okay?
It's a make-believe alarm.
- Make-believe?
- Sure thing.
Make-believe sinking.
- Make-believe?
- Yeah, it's maneuvers.
It's sham sinking
after being chased by
a sham enemy ship.
- Sham sinking?
-All things sham in the navy,
except eating.
'Slav Girl' is missing.
It's Yanychar, I'm not
But the exercise time
is over.
Gena knows no standards.
He accomplished his mission
to remain unnoticed.
And again he has broken
the rules.
-What about the brass?
- They think hard.
We had graduated from
the same school.
Back then he was a legend
This Yanychar of yours
is a miscreant.
If I had my way with him...
Nobody can have
his way with Gena.
Can you dive without
our help?
I did some diving in Turkey
and passed instructions here.
Don'tjerk with your legs too
much in the water.
Next diver's head is right
behind you.
-Where are we going now?
- To the mess-room.
Maybe there is another
scholar guy stuck there.
What's wrong with you?
Calm down.
Let us read something.
What haven't we read?
'She felt no fear,
'she knew that nothing bad
could happen to him.
'Assol was still
the same little girl
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