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I pepperyour asses!
Comrade captain,
Lieutenant Orlov
So, you're in time,
my dovey.
Well, guys, God be with us!
Hold your positions, unhook
from moorings!
Hold your positions, unhook
from moorings!
Get down!
Stand by for diving!
Awoman onboard is a bad sign.
- Look who is talking.
- Don't get pissed off.
I'll introduce you to
a nice broad when we're back.
Depth 40 meters with 5 degrees
different to the bow.
Take the main ballast. 12 knots.
1 meter...
9 meters.
5 degrees different.
10 meters...
Comrade rear admiral,
captain on duty Ershov reporting.
- Captain, what is the search zone?
- Search zone is 270-090.
They admire atomic ice
but I'll tell you...
Careful, your head!
Certain tactical tasks
can be only resolved
by our 'Swallow' submarines.
Load oranges by the cratefuls.
This is our mess-room.
We eat here in three shifts.
8 or 9 persons.
We have even bought
an aquarium.
The 1st class
compartment doors.
May I.
- Easy, easy.
- Don't be afraid.
Is it allowed to drink vodka?
Vodka? No.
It's salty water.
His first diving.
It's initiation.
Bottoms up!
Good. You will never
forget this day.
Yes, I'll be remembering
this day
until... all my life.
- May I?
- 'AIIow me, sir.'
Allow me, sir...too.
Go for it.
I had a dream since
I was a boy.
Now it is coming true...
I am becoming a sailor.
-A submariner.
-A sailor. A submariner.
If you were born by the sea,
Its beauty
you will always praise:
White masts that loom
At the mooring
And distant towns in a haze.
Southern nights dearfor me.
The bluest sea in the world,
Oh my Black Sea, my Black Sea.
01:27:06:2,01:27:09:18,-Well? - Two of them.
What about these ones?
Baby-dolls, unveil yourfaces.
Peter, come over here.
- Sixteen.
- Take the change.
Hey, Ivan.
I bet she's gonna be
my wife.
- Hello.
-Who are you?
Lieutenant Peter Orlov!
-What about you?
- I am Nelly.
What are you reading, Nelly?
- Take a guess.
- I will.
'Longren, a sailorfrom Orion,
a 300 tons strong brig,
'where he had served for 10 years
'and which he loved like
it were his mother,
'at last had to resign...'
It's either Maxim Gorky
or early Tolstoy.
-Alexander Green. 'Crimson Sails'.
-Anyone down there?
Nobody! Miss, wait! Miss,
will you marry me?
Let go!
Let go!
- Nelly...
- Let go, Ivan.
Comrades submariners,
our mission is to destroy
a flagship
of a maneuver enemy.
Than to dodge the chase
and remain unnoticed
for 24 hours.
Hopefully, our crew will
show its combatant valour,
accomplish the mission
and prove it's not for nothing
they call our submarines
'black holes'.
Excuse me,
why 'black hole'?
'Black hole'?
- That's simple.
- But nojokes, please.
It's practically impossible
to hear our submarine
at low revolutions. We move
like in ajoke: We'll go down
from the mountains...
Sound of propellers,
bearing 270 degrees.
The target is nearing.
Battle alarm!
Torpedo attack!
Attacking surface target!
Deep water shooting with
self-guided torpedoes!
Prepare for shooting
pieces 1 and 2.
- Cell 6 ready.
- Cell 5 ready.
- Cell 4 ready.
- Cell 3 ready.
- Cell 2 is ready.
- Cell 1 is ready.
Central cell standing by.
Torpedoes are ready
for shooting.
- Submarine is ready for battle.
-Acoustic, navigator, bios...
...stopwatches - stand by!
Target 1. Make the first
Average data:
heading 48, speed 20,
distance 740 m.
Heading 50.
Speed 20.
Average elements of movement
enter data into bios
Depth 40, different zero.
- The first is ready.
- Get prepared!
Yes, sir!
Torpedoes are out.
Warheads in place.
Target 1- noise level
Torpedo timing is 60 seconds.
Torpedo timing is 93 seconds.
Noise of torpedo
and target merged.
Comrades submariners!
Torpedo shooting is accomplished.
I thank the crew
for evincing marine skill.
Start dodging.
Heading 200, average
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