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We may go free,
great people.
-What is this stinkaroo?
- It's rap.
Music is crummy, but I like
the words:
'We are made of special stuff'.
It's about us, submarine guys.
Unless you are back by
the flag hoisting,
the captain will turn your
furry side in,
same forthe rest of us.
- Throw it on thejunk.
You go forthe mission -your
battery goes dead.
This is real watch!
A German trophy.
My grandpa confiscated it
from a German officer.
You say 'furry side in'?
Gena can do it...
Legkostupov! The meaning
of your name is
'airy, fluent'.
Why did you spell 'frock'
like 'frog',
greatcoat like 'greetcoat'...
Are you kidding?
There are words in Russian
language, many words.
You put them together
and make sentences
with a subject, a predicate
and the rest.
And all this is the great
Russian language!
Yes, captain!
So: the Russian language
is great.
Make predicate and subject
trade places -
you get intonation...
or 'bitterly our mother cries'.
Understand? This is poetry!
It's epos, mother's beaver!
And there are one-word
Raining. Snowing. Dusking...
- You see?
- Yes, captain!
When I read
what you've written,
my most private areas
start itching.
One may break his cock
from reading this.
I'd treat yourteacher like
our doggy tore my slipper!
- I was taught in my school.
- Sure thing.
I wish they were as clear...
At ease!
Katyusha, what happened?
I've bought potatoes.
You have forgotten
your mug.
'People can't see there exist
some lofty things.
'AII those sects, communists,
'they try to wash our brains
with their manifestos.
'But they don't know we are
made of different stuff.'
- I can manage myself.
- Sure, you're a grown-up.
You're full of mischief,
Gena. What a person!
I mean the way you behave.
-Where are you from?
- SM.
Space Medicine Institute.
- Space?
- Exactly.
But since they wrap up
space programs,
I was sent to your submarine.
All right. There are no outsiders
in our boat.
So, root yourself in, as
our commander says.
But I have my research
program to attend.
You know,
your program is fine...
-Are you a doctor?
- In a way...
So, it is your line...
It's like this...
We have been sent from Norway,
as a lend-lease aid, you know,
a batch of latex girls.
You know, inflated
rubber girls...
It is strong latex.
3 mm, the average size.
- For what?
- Not for what, but for whom.
Forthe captain and
forthe mate.
But keep it underthe hat,
since the batch is small
The crew somehow manages,
but these guys...
-Are you kidding?
- Not at all.
They've no you-know-what
for 6 months on end.
- So you have to receive them.
-Where shall I receive them?
At the storage facility.
I'll show you the way.
Are you from the 'Slav Girl' too?
- That's right.
- Never seen you.
-Which cell?
- Machine cell.
That's why you smell
of solar oil.
- Your name?
- My name?
- Yes, your name.
- Fresher.
- Not an old-timer, sure.
- No, that's my name.
- Bad name.
A not-by-the-book name.
It'll do during yourfirst year,
But then you'll be made a laughing
stock. It'll be hell foryou.
- Now we'll surely be late.
- Never.
- He's one of our crew.
- That's right.
- 1st cell commander.
- So, hop into the car.
- On the double!
-What about you?
I prefer cars
with an air conditioner
and a safety bag.
- Follow order!
- Yes, sir!
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Get in.
The crew, dress!
Thanks, Mitrich!
The crew of'Slav Girl'
is ready for exercises.
Everybody is present
but the commander
of cell 1.
Lieutenant Orlov.
At ease.
At ease!
Good afternoon,
comrade captain!
Same to you.
So, have you been
debriefed already?
Yes, but there is
a little predicament.
What predicament?
-What women?
From Norway. Lend-leased
latex girls.
Foryou and forthe mate.
They say they've run out
of them.
Well, my dear busters,
72 72

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