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these ladies would like
to go around the track with us.
- Fuck off.
- Come on.
If you find Billy,
tell him to stay out of my life.
Let's go.
This sucks!
A maniac gets hold of my gun
and starts killing people with it.
I ought to be at home in bed
with my girl. -
- Not out on the streets
with a charcoal-coloured loser.
Just leave.
I can take care of Ganz by myself.
You can't take care of shit.
You've been dicking me around
since we started.
- You've given me nothing.
- I'm impressed with you, too.
Kicking in the door
on a couple of dikes.
Either Luther or you has to tell me
what the fuck this is all about.
You got 48 hours.
The clocks running.
- I don't like the way you ask me.
- Who gives a damn?
You're just a crook
on a weekend pass.
You're just a spear-chucker
with a prison number.
I'm through fucking around.
Tell me the truth
or I'll beat the shit out of you.
You're going to kick my ass?
You've lost your mind.
I'm not in the mood.
It's going to be embarrassing
for you and the police force.
Look, nigger, I fight dirty.
You little fucker!
Don't put me in the fucking garbage!
Get the fuck off!
- What's going on here?
- Nothing.
- It's all right. I'm a cop.
- Get your hands up.
I'm too fucking tired.
My gun and badge are in the car.
Check it out, Bill.
Get in the car.
What the hell is going on?
Two women called and said a couple
of hoods broke in to their place.
We rousted them.
You can straighten it out.
Why don't you do it yourself?
We've got better things to do.
- I'll file a report tomorrow.
- I'll file a report tonight.
It goes with the territory.
- It's good your friends came.
- You want to try it again?
- You'd call your buddies back.
- They saved your ass.
- That's what you'll tell them.
- I'll put it in my report.
I bet you will.
- How much do I owe you?
- Ten bucks.
Mother fucker!
You come clean or we're going again,
right here and now.
I want to know what's going on
between you and Ganz.
I've been waiting for some money
for a long time... $ %  million.
Are you starting to get the picture?
Tell me about the money.
Me and some friends
hit a dealer during a sale.
It's the kind of money
nobody reports stolen.
One of the guys dropped dime on me.
He now has your gun.
- He's after your money?
- You're a real bright cop.
How much do you want?
Do you want to split it 50-50?
- Not likely, convict.
- I can't have any of it?
I believe in the merit system, boy.
- I'll be real good from now on.
- Where's the money?
In the trunk of my car.
Right, partner.
But get this: We ain't brothers,
partners or friends.
If Ganz gets away with my money,
you'll be sorry you ever met me.
- Where's the goddamn car?
- Be cool, the car's parked.
- For three years? Bullshit!
- Bullshit?
I'll let you in on a little secret.
You just passed it.
- Now what?
- Now you get to play cop.
Watch that building
while I have a sleep.
You son of a bitch! You knew
where the money was all along.
- I almost got my ass shot off.
- Being a cop is a hard job.
The garage opens at seven o'clock.
Wake me up at a quarter to.
Jack, tell me a story.
- Fuck you!
- That's one of my favourites.
Yeah, yeah...
- You're sleeping on the job.
- They open in five minutes.
- Go look for Ganz.
- You took a chance leaving it here.
I knew Ganz was away.
I knew Luther wouldn't cross me.
Lutherjust crossed the street.
The guy took a shot at a cop
and is back out on the street.
The judicial system is shit.
- I want to pick up my car.
- What's the name?
Reggie Hammond.
- This is three years old.
- Yeah, I've been busy!
Al, bring out 29-012.
It's been here three years.
- Charge the battery.
- We do that every month.
Thanks a lot.
There he is.
Look at all the dust on my car.
He should take it to a car wash.
I didn't know darker people
went in for foreign jobs.
Some white asshole had just bought
the last shitty sky-blue Cadillac.
I hope none
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