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ve got a deal. Hell, I might
even give you my badge.
Bullshit and experience
is all it takes.
Come on and experience
some of my bullshit.
Not a popular place
with the brothers.
I always liked country boys.
They'll sure as hell like you.
- How do?
- Yeah?
I'd like something to drink.
How about a Black Russian?
Black Russian. That's a funny joke.
I'm black,
but I'd rather have plain old vodka.
As we're standing here talking. -
- I wonder if you know
where I could find Billy Bear?
- Never heard of him.
- Never heard of Billy Bear?
Look here...
- You heard of him now?
- What are you talking about?
- I'll look around for a while.
- I don't give a shit what you do.
I've never seen so many backward-ass
country fucks in my life.
You look like regulars.
I'm looking for Billy Bear.
This is our place, nigger.
You're a big, tough, country faggot.
Are you out of your mind?
Get up against that pole.
Do you think
I'm playing a goddamn game?
This is a police matter. I'm looking
for an Indian named Billy Bear.
I know everybody in here
wants to cooperate with me.
That's not even necessary.
I've got the situation in hand.
Some of us citizens
are behind you all the way, officer.
- What's you problem?
- I'm on parole.
Sit your country ass down.
Listen up.
I don't like white people.
I hate rednecks.
You people are rednecks.
I'm enjoying this shit.
- You're loaded here.
- Tax refund.
You're too stupid to have a job.
You don't like that?
You hate that shit, right?
- What kind of cop are you?
- I'm your worst nightmare.
I'm a nigger with a badge. I can
kick your ass whenever I like.
One of them was underage,
another attacked a police officer.
You're going out of business.
Let's see
what we can fuck with next.
Okay, listen... The Indian
hangs out with a chick up the block.
Chinatown. She lives
on top of the jewellery store.
- I didn't ask about the girl.
- You'll have to settle for that.
That's all I know.
Look, hoss, you start
running a respectable business -
- And I won't have to come in here
and hassle you every night.
The rest of you cowboys should know
that there's a new sheriff in town.
His name is Reggie Hammond.
You all be cool.
- How's it going?
- You've got something for me.
- What are you talking about?
- The gun you took off the redneck.
- You saw that?
- Yeah.
- There you go.
- And the switchblade.
You don't miss anything, Jack.
It was real smooth how I took it.
You owe me a piece of ass.
Give me the gun, we'll call it even.
You did a good job, Reggie.
You deserve a reward.
- Fucking bastard.
- That I am.
Hey! Let's go get us an Indian
down the alley.
I don't think anybody's home.
Let's check around back.
I hope we have as much fun
as we had in that hillbilly bar.
Did you see the way
I handled those boys?
Why don't you get a megaphone
and announce we're coming?
- What the hell are they watching?
- I don't know.
tv has changed. Get this.
That must be Billy's girlfriend.
- Police, nobody move.
- Stay where you are.
- Drop it, or he gets another one.
- This girl thinks she's Babe Ruth.
- Police. Put the goddamn gun down.
- Don't give me that police shit.
Look, don't shoot.
I'm just going
to reach for my badge.
- I've seen fake badges before.
- Hey, sweetheart...
Listen up.
This guy's one nervous cop.
Shut up! I'm the calm type.
I know you don't want me
to shoot you.
Just hand me over the gun.
- You assholes better be real.
- Hey, let's see your badge.
- I don't have a badge.
- Call the cops.
Put that phone down. You're both
going to answer some questions.
All right...
which one of you sees Billy Bear?
The son of a bitch isn't here
and he's not coming back.
- You can do better than that.
- He hasn't been here for two weeks.
It sounds like a stormy romance.
Yeah, I went a couple of laps
around the track with him.
Wait, I've been
in prison for three years.
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