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s on my desk.
- I've got to put you on hold.
- Don't put me on hold.
You son of a bitch.
It's under the light.
- Reggie Hammond.
- Where are you?
I've been waiting for you to call.
I'm at Vroman's in the Filmore.
I know you don't know the place.
The brothers hang out here.
I'll be right there.
Don't move your ass.
- Elaine's on the other line.
- Jesus!
- Elaine?
- Jack... Fuck you!
- My name is Reggie.
- I'm Candy.
Look, if I don't get some trim
tonight, I'm going to bust.
- You know, sex.
- Can't you ask me better than that?
It's 10:05, by 10:10,
I want to be into some flesh.
Let's go across the street...
I don't have any money.
You can't even pay for the room?
Jack, I want you to meet
my friend Candy.
- Hello.
- And goodbye.
- Maybe I'll see you later.
- I hope so. You're so rude.
- Where's Luther?
- Where's Ganz?
You missed him. Luther took a cab
to the hotel across the street.
- Maybe we should pay him a visit.
- It makes no sense.
There's a Do Not Disturb sign
on his door. We'll see him tomorrow.
- That way we'll catch Ganz.
- Why don't you just take the money?
I could have done that,
but I want Ganz as much as you do.
I'll let you in on a secret...
Keep it. I'm too tired
to argue about that.
Thanks for calling.
Calling you a nigger,
I didn't mean that stuff.
I was just doing my job
and keeping you down.
Doing yourjob
don't explain everything, Jack.
As long as you're being Abe Lincoln,
you see that girl?
She'd love to take me to a hotel
and fuck my brains out.
- I need the money for a room.
- I've got...
- 20.
- That should be fine.
- Have fun.
- I'll have sex, Jack.
- You come here often?
- This is my favourite place.
This is my wife.
Are you whispering in my wife's ear?
I've got rent money for one night.
Lack of pussy makes you brave, man!
Let's go.
- Where do you want to go?
- Over to the hotel.
Shit! Excuse me, please.
- Wait a minute!
- That was quick.
Luther's on the move.
Open your coat... both sides.
- Let her go.
- Money first.
Show me. Set it there.
- Rosalie, are you okay?
- What are you talking about?
I said I wouldn't hurt her.
Goddamn! You lost a stolen bus!
Five deaths are related to Ganz, and
you blow it for a nigger convict.
I called him a nigger,
you bet I did.
That piece of shit hasn't spent
one legal day in his life.
This is it for you.
Suspension, review board.
- You're protecting a con!
- Goddamn it!
This man has got more brains
than you'll ever know.
- He's got more guts, too.
- That don't mean shit to me!
Let's get out of here.
Where do you think you're going?
- Don't be so hard on the guy.
- You go fuck yourself, convict.
- How did my car get here?
- I had it impounded.
- You're going back to the slammer.
- Ganz got away with all my money.
Now you're taking me to jail in my
own car. That don't seem right.
A lot of things don't seem right.
I could use a drink. I'll buy.
It'll be my goodbye present.
- I feel like I let you down.
- No, it was a longshot.
- We gave 'em a hell of a run.
- But we didn't catch 'em.
- Hello?
- Let me talk to Kehoe. 
Kehoe, answer the damn phone.
It's for you.
- How's it going?
- Not so good. 
- How about the other guys?
- They're on the street.
- Airport? Train station?
- They're clean.
They dumped the bus in Chinatown.
Other than that, we've got nothing.
I'll get back to you later.
Nothing! No Ganz, no Indian.
Airport's clean, bus station,
train station, docks... Shit!
It's too bad. Our partnership
ended before it got started.
Some partnership.
- What's up with your lady?
- We had another fight. Why?
If I was depressed and had a lady,
I'd go and see her.
No, I'll make it up to her tomorrow.
- What about that big Indian's girl?
- He won't be going back there.
They found the bus
down in Chinatown.
- Maybe he's visiting his girl.
- Billy's girl isn't interested.
- She'll put a bullet in him.
- Yeah, I'm
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