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got my ass shot off.
- Being a cop is a hard job.
The garage opens at seven o'clock.
Wake me up at a quarter to.
Jack, tell me a story.
- Fuck you!
- That's one of my favourites.
Yeah, yeah...
- You're sleeping on the job.
- They open in five minutes.
- Go look for Ganz.
- You took a chance leaving it here.
I knew Ganz was away.
I knew Luther wouldn't cross me.
Lutherjust crossed the street.
The guy took a shot at a cop
and is back out on the street.
The judicial system is shit.
- I want to pick up my car.
- What's the name?
Reggie Hammond.
- This is three years old.
- Yeah, I've been busy!
Al, bring out 29-012.
It's been here three years.
- Charge the battery.
- We do that every month.
Thanks a lot.
There he is.
Look at all the dust on my car.
He should take it to a car wash.
I didn't know darker people
went in for foreign jobs.
Some white asshole had just bought
the last shitty sky-blue Cadillac.
I hope none of my fellas
sees me riding around in this car.
- I don't care how it looks.
- It has no class.
Class isn't something you buy.
Look at you in that $500 suit.
- Is that suit yours?
- They used to be in style.
If you switch from armed robbery
to pimping, you're all set.
That's the money.
Look out!
Hey, put that down.
I'm going after the money.
Come on. Stay close.
- Freeze.
- I'm a cop.
Meet me at Vroman's,
and bring the shit. Thank you.
Vodka with a twist,
and I'd like to run up a tab.
- Hey, baby, I'm Reggie Hammond.
- So what?
- Hey, my name's Reggie Hammond.
- I'm with somebody.
How you doing?
My name's Reggie Hammond.
This ain't my night.
- You look awful.
- Yeah? Well, so do you.
From what I've heard, you've
lost Ganz for the second time.
And some soul brother
beat the crap out of you.
- Did any calls come in?
- Nothing.
- Kehoe.
- Ordnance.
- Your reports are late, Cates.
- They'll be in tomorrow.
You can depend on it.
- I'm heading out.
- I've got to wait for a call.
You really ought to get some rest.
Yeah, he's here.
Cates, for you. Line three.
- Motherfucker, where are you?
- I'm at work, asshole.
Elaine, I'm sorry. I thought it was
somebody else. Police business.
- No wonder you're so popular.
- I'm sorry about all this.
- Jack.
- Jack?
I almost forgot, your pal
from the vice squad phoned.
- You rousted a bar with him last night.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- What's the goddamn number?
- It's on my desk.
- I've got to put you on hold.
- Don't put me on hold.
You son of a bitch.
It's under the light.
- Reggie Hammond.
- Where are you?
I've been waiting for you to call.
I'm at Vroman's in the Filmore.
I know you don't know the place.
The brothers hang out here.
I'll be right there.
Don't move your ass.
- Elaine's on the other line.
- Jesus!
- Elaine?
- Jack... Fuck you!
- My name is Reggie.
- I'm Candy.
Look, if I don't get some trim
tonight, I'm going to bust.
- You know, sex.
- Can't you ask me better than that?
It's 10:05, by 10:10,
I want to be into some flesh.
Let's go across the street...
I don't have any money.
You can't even pay for the room?
Jack, I want you to meet
my friend Candy.
- Hello.
- And goodbye.
- Maybe I'll see you later.
- I hope so. You're so rude.
- Where's Luther?
- Where's Ganz?
You missed him. Luther took a cab
to the hotel across the street.
- Maybe we should pay him a visit.
- It makes no sense.
There's a Do Not Disturb sign
on his door. We'll see him tomorrow.
- That way we'll catch Ganz.
- Why don't you just take the money?
I could have done that,
but I want Ganz as much as you do.
I'll let you in on a secret...
Keep it. I'm too tired
to argue about that.
Thanks for calling.
Calling you a nigger,
I didn't mean that stuff.
I was just doing my job
and keeping you down.
Doing yourjob
don't explain everything, Jack.
As long as you're being Abe Lincoln,
you see that girl?
She'd love to take me to a hotel
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