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Cates, I want to see you right away.
Do you read me?
I hear you. Your voice carries.
Five minutes.
There's a lot of people
getting shot with 44s lately.
People must be getting
mad about something.
- You're an accessory to murder.
- Give me a break.
His real name is Albert Ganz.
He's from back East,
but did an armed robbery out here.
He broke out of prison
a couple of days ago.
A real animal. Read this.
Did he give you a return match,
or didn't he like the merchandise?
- Fuck you.
- I'll take a rain check.
This is from the first weapon
Ganz used.
It's a perfect match,
but it's not from the Walden Hotel.
It was fired six hours earlier.
We found him on a park bench.
There are some bad people out there.
If there weren't,
what the hell would we have to do?
He took me down, then he put on
the TV. Then you people arrived.
That's it, but I think he's going
to give you guys a hard time.
He likes shooting cops
a lot more than getting laid.
This is his stuff from the hotel.
The big guy's room was empty.
A speedloader.
This guy's got a 44 like yours.
- He's serious about his artillery.
- Here's the files.
- Billy Bear.
- He's worked with Ganz before.
- Who's this guy?
- Henry Wong. He worked with them.
Kehoe, come here.
I want to show you something.
- Tell me, same guy?
- Dick Fucking Tracy.
- Any of these guys still around?
- One of them is in the slammer.
- Get in here, Cates.
- Yeah!
Goddamn speedloader! Kehoe.
I want to be left alone on this one.
There's an official department
policy about cop killings.
Any man crazy enough to kill a cop
is a great danger to civilians.
We can't seem
like we're in the revenge business.
What's bothering you?
It bothers me when cops get killed.
You might be more of a team player
on this one, hot dog.
Hotdogging has been working
real well so far. I've got a lead.
You can do things your own way.
You nail this guy
and make us all look good.
But if you screw up,
you're going down.
You know how to send a guy out
with a real great attitude.
- I'm here to see Reggie Hammond.
- He's in 18.
- You want company?
- No, thank you.
You don't have
to sell your body to the night
Roxanne you don't have
to put on the red light
you walk the streets for money
don't care If it's wrong or right
Is that Hammond?
- Hammond.
- Put on the red light!
- Put on the red light!
- Hammond!
- Have you got a name, cop?
- Cates. I want to talk to you in private.
You're single,
no fixed address, no relatives.
One conviction, armed robbery.
Six months to go.
- Are you writing my life story?
- Not likely.
I just need a little help.
It's Henry Wong. An old friend
of mine. He's looked better.
I've been in that cell for 2/ years.
I'm getting out in 6 months.
You've come to the wrong person.
I don't fuck my old friends over.
That's too bad. I thought
maybe you were a smart boy.
I guess if you were real smart,
you wouldn't be a convict.
A second-rater like you
would be no help against Ganz.
Ganz will be in jail
for two years after I get out.
It didn't work out that way.
A big Indian busted him out.
- Cates.
- Yeah?
I can help you get Ganz
if you get me out of here first.
To get him
I've got to be on the street.
I want Ganz as bad as you,
and we've got no time.
- Bullshit.
- I'm serious.
- Get me out of here.
- I'll think about it, Reggie.
You've got to get me
out of here, man!
Fuck you!
- Let me borrow your pen, Bob.
- Are you using your own name?
Shit, no.
If all this comes down,
I'm not going to burn for you.
And if it comes down,
your ass is new-mown grass.
- You've got him for 48 hours.
- Sure thing.
You've got a big career ahead of you
as a forger.
- Hammond.
- Okay, send him through.
You've got to sign him.
He's all yours.
- You need me more than you thought.
- That shows you how desperate I am.
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