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was 40 years ago.
- Tremendous!
Unbelievable. I got it.
Santa Claus did all that.
He has fulfilled
your true wish.
Was is Santa Claus
or Father Frost?
Does it matter whether
it was Santa Claus or Mickey Mouse?
- Oh God, what a fabulous body!
- Fantastic.
The hair and the skin
are fantastic as well.
Oh yes. That's how I looked
when I was a third-year student.
I don't have any headache anymore.
Sergei Petrovich!
- Sergei! You're not 30 yet.
- Yes.
I'm even younger.
Does your navel contain
any records of your age?
There is no scar from
the appendicitis surgery.
I was operated for it
when I was 25.
What should we do about Masha?
She's still out
and he're jockeying around her.
She's asleep.
She has longed for some good sleep
for so much time.
Her cheeks are pink.
Let her sleep.
- Let's sing a lullaby to her.
- In a low voice.
- Yes.
- Otherwise she'd wake up.
- Sleep my honey, sleep.
- Sleep, my honey, sleep.
Pasha, it is so good
that you've come to see me.
I don't have a drinking companion here.
Let me fill a glass for you.
Thank you.
Pasha, but I never
snack on this.
Take this.
Take it away,
right now.
My favourite one.
A couple of drops.
Now what, Pavlukha!
Merry Christmas!
I don't follow you.
What do you want, my friend?
I fell in love with you
in a straightforward fashion.
My heart is broken now and forever.
But why are you looking
so evenly at me?
Why are you ruining
your youth in such a fashion? Masha!
I'm Klava.
I love you too, but...
I've been in the flames of the passion
for three weeks already.
Come to me, my beloved one.
Have you fallen
from the roof as well?
- Hey, man! It is not my specialty.
Pasha! Pasha!
Phew, Pasha!
Excuse me, Margot.
We didn't manage
to get past them.
They'll take you for Anton.
There is only one guard here.
I've seen one of them today.
And who is this silver-haired guy?
A gambling pro.
He's the founder of the bridge club.
I used to work with him
in the variety shows.
- Masha, wait.
- Relax.
Masha, where are you going?
Calm down!
Wow, the festivities seem to continue.
There is no drinking bout without a fight.
Have you come here to fight someone?
Why fight?
We want to share the joy of life
With our friend Karen.
Take us to him.
Let's go.
There is a minor problem here.
We have to leave you
for a few minutes.
- How can you?
- But I owe a dance to you.
- I promise. As soon as I come back.
- Are you mad? Are you leaving me alone?
in the middle of the festivities?
- I'm going with you.
- No way.
Margot! We need your help.
Listen to me, please.
What's it?
Is it a geriatric clinic?
I have never met a more charming
old lady in my life.
- Have you come to see Irina Matveevna?
- Not quite.
I adore drawing patiences.
Can't you finish this one?
I stop here every time
I draw it.
Have you ever tried this move?
This card goes here.
This one goes here. Here it is.
This patience is done now.
It means that
some dream of yours will come true.
My charming one, it is sure to come true.
All your plans will come true.
By the way, where is our friend?
- What friend?
- I mean Zavenych.
Aha, you're talking about Karen Zavenovich.
He went out to have a New Year party.
Should I take a message for him?
- Yes.
- A cordial greeting.
From a friend of his youth.
Wow! There is another beauty here.
Although it is a sleeping beauty.
Old age is no fun.
They've brought us girls
here and left us here alone.
They went out to the city to party.
So we're here now.
Taxi! Will you give us
a lift to the city?
- It'll cost you one grand.
- Wow! Why not two?
Close the door.
OK, we agree.
Get into the car.
Anton! Hi, it is me.
Do you recognise me?
Yes, I promised it to you,
I don't object.
But now I don't owe
anything to you.
So leave me alone.
Anton! Help me take
the chicken out of the oven.
Yes, I'm coming.
No, baby. You don't seem to
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