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dinosaur go?
You should have continued playing.
Why have you stopped playing then?
What do I have to do with all that?
He's a pro.
These folks have played a dirty trick on us.
We have to return them
to the table immediately.
What's up?
Anton brought
some old shoe here
who beat us hands down.
He won away his entire debt.
All 15 grand.
Did he leave you high and dry?
How could it happen?
I don't know.
No one has ever had an upper hand over us.
Especially in the baccarat.
And now this old hat emerged out of the blue.
Did you play the baccarat?
- Yes.
- Yes, we did.
Should we return them to the table?
Don't do that.
I'm afraid this nut
will be too tough for you to crack.
Who is he?
He's a ghost.
And the ghosts always appear from the blue.
At the most awkward moments
like this one.
I'll check him.
Hi, it is me.
A red Audi 80
The licence plate number is v805no 50.
Follow their moves.
Can I have the boy's passport?
We don't have it anymore.
Do you remember his address?
I do.
The White night private geriatric clinic.
It is in Romantsevo.
So it is the White Night.
I got it.
- Karen Zavenovich!
- What?
- I have no words to thank you.
- Forget it. Everything is all right.
You're a real artist.
I still can do some tricks.
Happy New Year!
Thanks, Granddad!
It's time for me to go.
I have an incoming call from her.
- She's waiting for me.
- All right.
- Bye, granddad.
- Happy New Year!
Hello, Nika, I'm coming.
Listen, tell me
whether my old shoes called me.
You see, they missed their Kremlin party...
I don't know,
they seem to be having problems up there.
Now they want me
to come to see them.
Well, if they call again,
tell them I have a night shift today.
I don't want
to join them at the table.
If you like driving,
you must love...
Karen, you turn out to be a rich man,
Surely. I have very good friends here.
No, I'm serious.
Where did all this money come from?
What money? Do you mean this one?
- Do you mean this?
- What's that?
Oh, no. The money.
- This is what I call the money. - I'm afraid
we'll have some rough time pretty soon.
- Some very rough time.
- It is all right.Let them find us first.
- Let's wait and see.
- OK.
What's that?
Where does it come from?
Where? It's from the bag of Santa Claus.
Don't you understand?
- Let's go.
- In that case, we'll need him.
- Zavenych, can I exchange a couple of
words with you?- Yes.
Who's going to
give you all this rough time?
And where did you go
so late at night?
Sergei had some family problems.
We wanted to fix them.
What's wrong about it?
Your broad has been
very anxious about you.
Has Margarita returned?
Yes, she has.
Because of you.
And you doubted that.
She'll make you marry her.
She definitely will.
First, I want to tell you
that she's not a broad.
And second, it is none of your business.
But you can't do that. You seem to have
your head blown away completely.
You're getting on my nerves.
Do you understand that?
- OK.
- Oh, yes.
Shut up!
Masha, what's up?
Will you ever leave me alone today?
Masha, will you help me
to set up the table. I'll owe you a lot.
- With pleasure.
- Yes, please.
All the snacks are in the fridge
and on the window-sill.
- Petrovich, do you mind helping the girl?
- Let's go, Sergei Petrovich.
- Let's go, Pasha.
- What? I'd rather...
Will you listen to a bit of advice
from an old sage?
Mend your rough wys of courting a girl.
- It is a shame.
- How should I do that?
You must give her flowers,
croon to her, recite poems to her,
carry her around in your arms.
Women adore such things.
- By the way, can you play the guitar?
- I know three simple chords.
So all you need to learn
is two romantic songs and one poem.
And don't forget
to shave.
It is a holiday today, isn't it?
We're going
to express our love for her.
Everything will be all right.
Here goes your beloved woman.
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