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When I hit the showdrift
with my head,
something went off in there.
Twenty years passed.
Do you understand?
I was sure
I forgot everything
- Have you recalled it now?
- Yes!
Do we need it?
Are you hot again?
Parading around?
Have a better look into
your passport, old shoe.
We're leading a wondeful life here.
So quiet. We don't disturb anyone.
Don't moan, Petrovich.
We'll fail it.
We'll definitely fail it.
My friend, everything
will be all right.
Everything will be OK.
Let's live to see
the final setup.
All right.
And I'll be by your side.
And you're still leaving us.
Because of Vera.
I'm alone
during the New Year night again.
Mom, come to see us.
Well, don't get disappointed.
I understand you so well.
- Are you here with Karen Zavenovich?
- Yes.
Vadim with his wife
celebrates it in the Kremlin.
Anton is partying
separately with his girl.
By the way, did you write
a letter to Santa Claus?
Can you imagine
that we really did?
I just don't know
how to address it.
Give it to me.
The address on the envelope:
To Santa Claus.
Sergei Petrovich!
Let me have a look.
So, it is to Santa Claus.
Is it something
very personal?
- I feel the scent of hidden desires.
- Give it back to me.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- Happy New year!
- Happy New Year!
- We're waiting for you.
- Oh yes, I'm coming.
The blood is hot with liquid flames of desire.
To Santa Claus, isn't it?
- Give it back to me.
- Here it is.
The letter will be addressed
to Santa Claus.
Why a foreigner?
It's not patriotic.
Because Santa always
comes sober and alone.
And our Father Frost
is always drunk and with a girl.
By the way,
just as a backgrounder,
Santa Claus is another name
of our Orthodox St.Nikolai
That's how easy
it was to open this box.
- What was inside?
- The interest from my pension fund.
No, dear Margarita, St. Nikolai is not
to be bothered with such trifles.
One must ask for
something really impossible.
Only then the possible things
will happen by themselves.
Then I'll ask him
to make me young again.
Well, all right.
What are you going
to ask him for?
I won't tell you.
That's all.
I have to be off.
It is a pity.
At least one wish of mine won't come true tonight.
I dreamt of playing guesses and kisses
with you during the New Year night.
What kisses?
It is time
for me to go.
- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
Whatever game a kid is
going to play...
What has happened?
Why are you here?
- Has anyone died?
- No, dad. No one has died so far.
Thanks God.
Everything is much worse.
Your son wasn't invited to the Kremlin party.
- What party?
- I mean the celebration in the Kremlin.
- We were going to attend it tonight.
- Oh, yes, I see.
Is that the end of it?
I knew it.
I expected it.
And this trick of yours during
this TV program this morning.
Why did you call him?
Do you mean that
I'm to blame for all that?
Nonsense, Dad.
The reasons are different.
Some great products of theirs
have recently gone rotten.
I mean mostly
the gross national product.
Is it your fault?
Have you given a wrong bit of advice to them?
You advise things you don't believe in
and they don't follow your advice.
That's how it all happens.
I'm really sorry.
I can imagine
how horrible all this is.
The reality surpasses your worst vision.
Everything's collapsed at once.
Your grandson,
Sergei Petrovich,
dropped out of the institute.
He left the house as well.
He rented an apartment
and is living there with his red-haired babydoll.
But you've never seen her.
There is nothing to look at.
Yes, everyone has his own archive.
Is that your ever-elusive Caliostro?
That's him.
Can you imagine that I was
just a senior lieutenant when I chased him?
- That's how time flies.
- And what was the end of the chase?
There was no end.
He vanished into the thin air.
And I can't finish my novel now.
But you had almost finished it
by the time you left our Mom.
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