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gifts from an unknown person.
I wonder whether
we'll ever meet him.
- Masha! Listen!
- They're going to talk now.
Some old shoes
were still left behind.
Yes, really.
for the New Year celebration. I wonder
what your kids are thinking about.
These people had
some plans for the New Year night.
The thing is
that we're so fragile
that it's easier not
to handle us at all.
- Sergei Petrovich!
- In fact, I'll leave this place pretty soon
- so that there won't be much ado about me.
- I don't mean that. This is our...
- This is our job.
- And I simply feel
- somehow ill at ease.
- Oh, yes.
Never mind.
- because of you.
- No, because of your children
I wish
your kids were more caring.
Don't get offended, please.
That's it. By the way,
we're going to see our kids right now.
Happy New Year, friends!
I wish you robust health,
happiness and success.
- Masha!
- Get lost.
Our program is broadcast live. We expect
your calls. Here are our phones.
So now you may call
and have a chat with your son.
I may congratulate
all of us on the fact
that for the first time
our government doesn't intimidate us
either with its forecasts
or with its handling of the current matters.
All right, I will really make a call.
- Will you?
- Yes.
- I'll make a call. Where is the phone?
- Just a minute.
- Have you dialed the number?
- Yes.
Hello,Sergei Petrovich.
What? Oh, yes.
Excuse me, Vadim Sergeevich.
We seem to have the first call.
You're on the air, shoot!
Good afternoon!
This is Sergei Petrovich.
I'm a professor from Moscow.
We're listening to you,
Sergei Petrovich.
If a retired person
gets 50 dollars a month
and pays a third of it
as the apartment rent,
do you think
he'll die in a dynamic fashion
Or will he still croak along?
Dad..Daddy...I'm sorry.
Sergei Petrovich!
This is a very lopsided approach.
This retired person
must have some kids.
Yes, he does.
And he should think about them.
I mean
they should think about him.
Certainly, if your son
is a Vice-Premier
- Sergei Petrovich.
- there is at least some hope. What about the rest?
Do you understand that
you report the twisted image of the reality?
Do you understand
how bizarre you look in this boombox?
- Hello, Sergei Petrovich, We can't hear you.
- Hello! What do you mean?
Our spectator has unfortunately
gone off the line. It happens.
- Damn, am I off-line now?
- Sergei Petrovich!
They can't hear me, can they?
Why did you do that?
I really feel pity for him.
- How can you make such a fuss about it?
- Don't worry, Margarita Nikolaevna.
This man won't get lost in this world.
Unfortunately, there still are people
who see the New Year in
with the ancient life values.
Now what?
Have I ever taught him all that?
We believe you, Sergei Petrovich.
We do believe you.
Calm down.
You see. I've told you
he'll feel worse after that.
I'm sorry.
For God's sake, forgive me.
You're not an old shoe.
Quite to the contrary.
Just a second.
I'll be back.
I'll be right back.
Karen Zavenovich!
Your contract for the next year
hasn't been signed yet.
Stop by our accounting office.
- 325 by 125...
- Sign here and there.
Damn, the calculator isn't working.
The battery needs to be replaced.
- 325 by 125...
- equals 46625.
- Right.
- Karen Zavenovich, did you know the answer?
And what about
3140 by 6218?
It equals 187410520.
Shura, it is damned great!
Karen Zavenovich,
how do you manage such tricks?
Will you check the numbers in my yearly report
so that I could go home sooner?
- I'm sorry. It got out quite by chance.
- Karen Zavenovich, let's have another go.
- Just one more time.
- 328 thousand
869 to be multiplied by
- 212?
- Is it back?
- 50 million...
- It is back.
Oh my Lord!
Can you hear that?
Thank you,
our Lord the Savior!
- Oh God, I...
- Calm down! Let's go back into the house.
It all started with your chute
off the roof yesterday.
Petrovich, listen.
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