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Your faces are so happy.
We are so happy
to see you again, Masha!
I don't know whether
my life was worth living,
but this very night
wasn't surely wasted.
There is no doubt about it.
- Neither was my night a waste.
- I agree.
I'm longing for some sleep.
Wait, lady! And what about
the dance you promised to me?
No, I'm pretty stubborn.
Here is my hand.
Let's dance.
- It is easier to bow to your demand,
young man, than to resist. - Yes, please.
Let's dance.
What was it?
Was it hypnosis?
Was it some kind of magic?
Tell me the truth.
I don't know
what it was.
But we both
are still 20.
We're really 20.
And you won't have
any secrets from me any longer?
Then tell me
where is that famous diamond?
I mean the White Night one.
It is around you.
I should have guessed it
very long ago.
- Are you the owner of this clinic?
- Yes, I'm.
Well, then, it is a pity
that we missed the Baccarat gem.
We would have built another clinic and it
would have been much more beautiful.
And another one...
If we are together,
there will be many
happy faces around us.
I promise that to you.


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