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to his tune for some time.
until I get this letter.
After that he'll dance to my tune.
What do you want from me?
Help me find you granddad.
I'll reward you for that.
Is he your friend or...
Look straight into my eyes.
When I recall ole Karen
the tears come up to my throat.
Do you think that these eyes
Take a seat, pal!
You two rush to different
corners of the room.
Take a seat.
This seat is pretty comfortable.
You can't help
doing that.
Now I'll ask
and you'll answer.
What's going on?
A secret operation
of the Japanese mob and
the European jewellery cartel is on.
Today the shipment
will change hands in Moscow.
What shipment?
The Baccarat diamond.
What do you need my granddad for?
Thirty years ago
he stole the White Night diamond
from under my nose.
It was a 36 carat black diamond.
He vanished into the thin air back then.
Now he is back to Moscow again.
He's ready to play the same trick on me again.
But this time
he won't succeed.
Are you sure?
Where are the messengers
going to meet?
That's what
Anton is going to tell us.
Face to the floor, everyone!
- Calm down.
- Face to the floor or I'll shoot!
Calm down. Don't make too much fuss.
You'll wake everyone up.
Where did you take this handgun from?
What's that?
What's that?
This is a letter from Anton.
Receive it.
Where did this sound come from?
It was a fireworks blast.
We're leaving into the hail of blasts.
It is impressive.
But not too timely.
Aha, here you are.
This is the money as we agreed.
And now rush to the office and dispatch
the last group of the symbols to us.
I won't accept anything
from people like you.
When did you become so honest?
Do you want to blow
the entire affair up?
I can't understand
these young people.
They complain when you take their money
and when you give some money to them.
Hands off!
Sleep, everyone!
Hands by your sides!
Don't sleep!
And you must fall asleep.
What are you doing?
I'm trying
to recover my ancient skills.
You'll sleep
quietly and soundly.
When you wake up,
you won't remember any of these events.
Anton didn't take the money.
It is 4 am now.
You'll wake up in an hour.
I can't understand these cons. They complain
whenever you take or give the money.
Let's leave this place.
Listen, I'm still drowsy.
Why did you tell them to wake up in ah hour?
They could have slept until tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning
they'll have an encounter with the police.
Do you want them
to remain our shadows?
I wouldn't insist on that.
I think Anton would agree.
Listen, what does this coded meassage say?
The couriers will meet today at 6 in the morning
in the overhead passage
near the Kiev railway station.
The shipment is in the silver ball.
Great. Has it taken you so little
time to solve this riddle?
- And there is this ball.
- That's what we're going to ask Anton about.
Joker would never learn where the Baccarat diamond w
What Baccarat?
I'll explain everything to you later. I'll overtake A
nton here when he comes to pick up the money.
Why you and not me? Who's his granddad after all?
d? Do you want him to be taken to the mental asylum af
Damn, I keep forgetting that.All right.
You'll take Anton to his parens' place.
At five. Do you follow me?
The replacement is scheduled for 5.
- That's all.
- Wait, where are you going?
I have one family matter here
that's more important than
all these coded letters.See you at 5.
And he's gone.
- Well...
- Hi, Anton!
What do you want?
Your granddad asked me to see you.
He asked me to tell you that
I'm the recipient of the letter now.
Now what?
Where is the letter?
All right.
Let's go there.
You'll see it.
I'm going to die now.
Where are you going?
While you're at my side,
don't be afraid of anything.
- Hi.
- Anton!
You've come to see us after all.
- I have.
- You look different now.You've matured.
since I last saw you less
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