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27 Потерянных Поцелуев

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In our town, there are so
many marriageable girls!
It's unbelievable!
We'll come and visit
you tonight, okay?
Alright? You agree?
-You okay?
-Where are you going to?
-Is it good?
-Yes, I'm gonna swim.
The crazy guy is back.
What's wrong, Mama?
-Where's Veronica?
-Around. What's up? A bit drunk?
You blockhead, she's in
the bushes with a lover.
What bushes? What lover?
Are you crazy?
No, I'm not.
I know everything.
-No, you don't.
-Shut up.
So beautiful!
I ought to turn away, but I can't.
Such beauty.
I'm coming closer.
There's no love!
-There is!
-No, there is not!
Yes, yes!
Have you guys seen Sibylla?
Have you guys seen Sibylla?
Your little tart is busy pulling
someone's pants down.
Who's that bird in the photo?
Your grandma?
One day, grandpa caught her
with a man in the laundry.
Can you see better now?
How terrible.
My husband.
I'm about to be unfaithful,
and there he is having a shave.
But you told me you
were a lonely woman...
...looking for a man.
-I am a lonely woman.
Now I know where
my cigars go.
Into the kitchen. Come on.
Into the kitchen? Now?
Get out of here!
Let go of my hand!
Bloody little bitch.
Let go of me!
Little girls don't
behave like that.
I don't give a damn how
little girls behave!
I love you.
And I won't let any other woman
have you! Do you understand?
I'm an adult and I can do for
you everything they can.
Got it?
God-damn you! Ready!
Aim! 125-285!
15-23! 16!
Ready! Aim!
Ready! Aim!
19-68! Fire!
Aargh, my back!
Shit. Damn it!
You see?
It hurts a lot. Right here.
Mika! He's over there.
I've been looking for
you for two days.
-What are you doing here?
-They don't want to sting me.
-Let's go.
-Leave me alone!
Wait! Do you hear me?
-Please stop!
-I don't want to see you.
Listen to me! Wait!
You and me are the
main thing. Listen!
You idiot!
Wait. Are you listening?
Tell me what you want me to do.
Tell me, and I'll do it.
Marry Veronica!
Which Veronica?
But she's married to the lieutenant.
Then marry Maria,
the chemist...
or that idiot Sappho.
I don't care. Just get married!
Will you marry me?
My father is getting
married too.
Sappho and he
are old friends.
He wants to marry that idiot?
She's at his place right now.
Actually, I quite like her.
You idiot!
It's been ages
since I last danced.
Thank you.
I drink to our
beautiful women.
-Now, let's go.
-Where are you off to, captain?
Don't give that idiot
no more drinks.
Where are you going?
Where is he going?
So many beautiful women here.
I'll give you a night...
I'll give you a night like you've
never had before, my love.
I'll give myself to you.
I'm dying of desire
to love you.
I want every bit of you.
My love.
Leave me alone! Please!
Sibylla left, she sailed
away and out of my life.
73 times I kissed her that summer,
though she said I was allowed 100.
Where have those
27 kisses gone?
27 Потерянных Поцелуев

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