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27 Потерянных Поцелуев

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Martinez is fat.
Our Alexander is much
more masculine.
"Emmanuelle" is screening
at the factory on Friday.
Just one screening.
Is it the film showing different
ways of making love?
Yes, but it's
not for children.
-I'm not "children."
-What are you then, girl?
My photo is on a "wanted"
poster at the police station.
"A girl, a runaway from
a respectable family...
a thief and lover
of erotic cinema."
How terrible.
Sibylla, your behavior is
atrocious. Leave the table!
That's that.
Well, my dear son-in-law...
I beat you at pool, so now
crawl under the table.
Come on, come on!
You lost!
No, no...
Please stop, Mama.
That's enough.
There's a fire in my heart...
that only you can quench.
I'm an opera singer.
I'm giving a concert tomorrow.
I'll be singing for you!
-What do you want it for?
-I need it.
Take the pistol.
Think before you shoot.
-Come on, sing!
Get into the bathtub
and sing!
-Sing what?
-An aria, or I'll shoot you all.
Come on, sing it!
How terrible.
Are you singing in the
bathroom, Abessalom?
I've lost my cat.
It's a chilly summer.
I've got something for you.
How many years was
it under water?
Captain, your cat is
nowhere to be found.
Keep looking for it!
I so much wanted
to refloat her.
And now the sea has disappeared...
Instead, there is the desert,
sand and dry grass.
My beauty.
She was lying at the bottom, with
hundreds of other ships, rotting.
I've been sailing her my
whole life long. Wait...
Imagine the cemetery
I took her from.
Now I'm going to take her back
to your lake, to the river...
to the sea.
You know...
people are not the only
ones who leave us.
The sea leaves us too.
It's alive.
It's gone.
How good this honey smells.
I'll cut you out
the sweetest piece.
If you're not afraid,
they don't sting.
I'm not afraid of anything.
Only fools know no fear.
Watch out.
You said you weren't
afraid of anything, right?
-Are you crazy!
-You shaved your moustache?
How old is your father?
-41? I'm 14.
That's my age with
the digits reversed.
Will you teach me to whistle?
It's not hard.
You stick out your tongue...
and show it to the sun
till it dries a bit.
Like that?
Like that. And afterwards...
This film isn't for you.
-She knows a funny joke.
-Tell me.
What makes people fly?
Do you know it?
Go on, go home.
Sometimes there are miracles like
this: we're gonna watch a film.
Quiet! Quiet!
When I was a boy I
saw comrade Stalin...
I saw comrade Stalin
play the accordion.
And today we watch the film
"Emmanuelle". Enjoy yourselves!
Look, a moustache.
Let me put it on you.
-Why are you making fun of me?
-The film's started. Let's go.
So do you want to come in?
Don't bother trying! Piss off!
Don't worry. We'll be able
to see it when we grow up.
This way.
Come on.
-I've hurt myself.
-Are you okay?
-From here you can see even better.
-Much better.
-Do you like her, that cow?
-I like you.
-Prove it.
I wrote you a poem.
A poem?
"I recall a wondrous moment.
You appeared before my eyes."
That's Pushkin!
No, I wrote it
when I saw you...
...for the first time.
-I don't like liars!
is sleeping.
He sleeps all the time.
He mixes up night and day.
It's a shame. We're going.
How terrible!
Get up immediately!
It's a shame!
How can you watch this?
-I don't like your father.
-Why not?
He only thinks about women,
sleeping and cigars.
And stars.
-Let's go.
-Can you see Alexander?
Take your hands off me!
Let's wait until
everyone has left.
-Sometimes I want to kill you.
-And other times?
Other times, I want
to love you forever.
Are you eating onion again?
In the film, there
was palm trees...
the ocean... Bangkok...
Rubbish! Do you know why
Emmanuelle is happy?
Because the guys
in the film...
have got big guns.
Like Pushkin! Like me!
You don't understand
27 Потерянных Поцелуев 27 Потерянных Поцелуев

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