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be placed in Cuba"
"it would present the gravest threat
to U. S. national security"
Mr. President
as Premier Kruschev's own statement
of September 13th assured you
our military assistance to Cuba
is of a defensive nature only
So I did not misunderstand you?
There are no offensive weapons in Cuba
Premier Kruschev's statement
of September 13th
remains the position
of the Soviet government
To that I have nothing to add
Well, that's good enough for me
Thanks so much
Thank you
if you'll come with me, please
A most instructive meeting
What happened?
Lying bastard
Lied right to my face
We're split down the middle
If I held a vote, I think air strike
would beat blockade by a vote or two
I want a consensus
Either air strike or blockade
Something everyone's gonna stand by
even if they don't like it
And I need it by Saturday
So make it happen
What if I can't?
We go into this split
the Russians will know it
And they'll use it against us
Have you cancelled Chicago
and the rest of the weekend yet?
You don't show for Chicago, everyone
will know there's something going on
I don't care. Just cancel it
Forget it
I'm not calling
and canceling on Daley
You call and cancel on Daley
You're scared to cancel on Daley
You're damn right, I'm scared
Well, I'm not
Watch this
Welcome to Chicago, Mr. President
Mr. Mayor, I wouldn't
miss this event for the world
Let's go
Tonight you're going to
experience true Midwest cunning
What's going on?
Now the guys are hounding me
about some sort of troop movements
in Florida
What are you telling them?
The truth. I don't know
Am I out of the loop on something?
Tell 'em you've looked into it
and all it is an exercise
And Pierre, tomorrow
the President may have a cold
A what?
A cold
Do I get any input around here?
How bad it is, is up to you
There are major rail disruptions
in the south
two airbome divisions are on alert
Sounds to me like that
exercise is an invasion
You know how Bobby has it in
for the state of Mississippi
We're invading Cuba
Dammit, we are not invading Cuba!
Are you crazy?
Nobody gives a rat's ass about Cuba!
Not now, not ever!
If you print that, all you're
gonna do is inflame the situation
And nobody talks to assholes
who inflame situations
Assholes like that
can find themselves cut
out of the loop
That's the first time
you've ever threatened me
All right
I won't print anything
until I have another source
But I promise you I'll get one
We've got a consensus for a blockade
but it won't last past tomorrow
You have to bring him back
By the way
China invaded India today
You're kidding, aren't you?
I wish I were
Galbraith's handling it in New Delhi
Makes you wonder what's coming next
What is it about the free world that
pisses the rest of the world off?
I don't know
We have Tupperware parties?
I'll see you tomorrow
The President has a cold
He's canceling
the remainder of this trip
and returning to Washington
on the advice of his doctor
Is that the final word?
President Kennedy!
How do you feel, Mr. President?
Mr. President, our deliberations
have led us to the conclusion
that a blockade of offensive weapons
to Cuba is our best option
A strong showing of support from
the Organization of American States
would give us
an umbrella of legitimacy
A blockade
is technically an act of war
Therefore we recommend
calling the action a quarantine
Let's hope that translates
into Russian the way we want it to
There are between 20...
and 30 Soviet ships
underway to cuba at this time
800 miles out
the navy will stop them
and any vessels containing weapons
will be turned back
A quarantine prevents
any more missiles from reaching Cuba
but it doesn't remove
the missiles already there
It gives the Soviets a chance
to pull back without a war
If they refuse to remove the missiles
we retain the option
to strike and invade
A sneak
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