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are right
and the Kennedys are wrong
We need you to talk to them
They'll listen to you
Jack and Bobby are good men
But it takes a certain kind of...
You mean the President
of the United States?
And the Attorney General?
Kenny, they are good men
but it takes certain character
moral toughness
to stand up to the Soviets
You're in the White House right now
because of the Kennedys
They may be wrong. They make mistakes
But they are not weak
The weak ones are these people
who can't speak their own minds
You know I don't mean
that they're weak
No, you just lack a "moral toughness"
Jesus Christ, Mac!
You think I'll play your Judas for you
You never understood us, for you
We've been fighting with each other
our whole lives
But nobody plays us off each other
and nobody ever
ever gets between us
It's trial balloon, Kenny
Then somebody better publicly deny it
because there's only one way
the world is gonna read this
We sell out one of our own friends
for own safety
Jesus Christ. They're killing us
... and enter into negotiations...
in order to normalize
this confrontation
and avert the threat of a world war
What is that Sun Tzu says?
"War is a moral contest
and they're won in the temples
before they're ever fought. "
This enormous danger for all mankind...
which exists at this moment...
It's right here
This is where we turn it around
You all Adlai. You tell him
to stick it to this son of a bitch!
The U. S. believes that
with their economic boycott
by pressuring other countries
to cease trade with Cuba
we would surrender due to hunger
How does it feel, Mr. President,
to be this heroic...
and force a country
to surrender due to...
Am I still on hold?
They're trying to find him right now
Adlai's too weak!
We have to convince Jack to pull him
Get McCloy in there
You can't talk him out this
late in the game, bobby
Zorin will eat him alive
Then talk to your brother, goddammit!
The two of you don't need my advice
to get into trouble
What's gotten into you?
Are you still sore
about this Lippman thing?
That's something
your father would have done
My father?
I'm just trying to make a pint
This idea is that fucking bad
Adlai can handle Zorin
He knows the inning and the score
He's better
Because nobody believes
he's up to this
It's Ken. How are you doing?
I'm busy, Ken
What do you need?
The President told me
to pass the word to you
stick it to them
I hear you
I'm glad it's you calling
I thought it would be Bobby
Adlai, the world has to know
we're right
If we're gonna have a chance
at a political solution
we're gonna need
international pressure
You gotta be tough, Adlai
You need to find it, Buddy
If they're still sticking
to their stonewalling strategy
I'll get them
I'm an old political cat, Kenny
But I've got onw life left
I know you do
See you, Ken
we call upon the world
to condemn this purely
American provocation
We, the people of Romania
stand in solidarity with
the people of the Republic of Cuba
and their revolution in the face of
the American threat to world peace
Thank you, Mr. Chairman
We're very glad that
you could join us, Mr. Stevenson
For the last two hours
the entire world here
is asking only questions
The United States
is pushing the entire world
to the brink of catastrophe
People of the whole world
want to know why
We are told again and again about some
incontrovertible evidence
of offensive weapons in Cuba
But no evidence can be shown to us
Perhaps your spy planes are so secret
that you are simply incapable
to present such evidence
Some Planes!
I make the call, Adlai is out
McCloy goes in
simply don't have such evidence
Perhaps the United States of American
is simply mistaken
The United States of America
does not have any facts
it has only falsifications
False evidence...
John, get ready to
send your staffer in. He's coming out
The Chair
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