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I cannot stress this point enough
Then you must excuse me
and permit me to relay...
the substance of our discussion
to my superiors
Of course
We've heard stories that
some of your military men wish for war
You are a good man
Your brother is a good man
I assure you there are other good men
Let us hope the will of good men
is enough to counter
the terrible strength of this thing
that was put in motion
What's going to happen?
If the sun comes up tomorrow
it is only because of men of good will
And that's...
all there is between us and the Devil
This is Radio Moscow
Premier Kruschev...
has sent a message
to President Kennedy today
This message re-emphasizes
the need for urgent measures
to prevent a fatal turn of events
and to preserve world peace
In addition to
instructions earlier transmitted
to stop construction work
on installations in Cuba
the Soviet government has ordered
the dismantling of weapons in Cuba
as well as their crating
and return to the Soviet Union
Is everybody ready for church?
It's a beautiful morning
Pass the butter up to Dad
Dad, you want your paper?
Dad, what's wrong?
The sun came up
Every day the sun comes up
says something about us
What does it say, Dad?
What's wrong with Daddy?
This is the foreign policy trophy
we were hoping for
Mr. President
great job
Hold it
Well, Mr. President
I think I can speak for everyone here
when I say bring on those mid-terms
there's no stopping us now
Four more years! All right!
You know, it's been a long two weeks
And I'd like to thank you all
I think you did a great job
I just don't think
we should be gloating too much
It was just as much a victory
for them as it was for us
Hear hear!
Enjoy your morning
Thank you, Mr. President
Get some rest, Mr. President
We've got a lot of new clout right now
We can run the table on Kruschev
the Middle East and Southeast Asia
You're right
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
I was deeply shocked
when advised your son was lost
in an operational mission on Saturday
October 27th, 1962
Your son rendered distinguished
and dedicated service to his country
throughout his career
He was admired
and respected for his courage
and his professional skill
by all with whom he served
His tragic loss will be deeply felt
and a grateful nation
will be forever in his debt
Ken! We're out here
What kind of a peace do we seek?
I am talking about genuine peace
The kind of peace that
makes life on earth worth living
Not merely peace in our time
but peace in all time
Our problems are man-made
therefor they can be solved by man
For in the final analysis
our most basic common link
is that we all
inhabit this small planet
We all breathe the same air
We all cherish our children's futures
Chief, I've got something
at zero three zero
XO, take a look at this
New contact, Skipper
What do we got?
A Russian sub
General Quarters!
All hands, man your battle stations
Breaker 231, correlates
to our Submarine at 9, 000 yards
It's protecting the freighters
Bob, is there any way to
avoid stopping the submarine first?
I'm afraid not, Mr. President
The sub has positioned itself between
the Pierce and the Soviet ships
Admiral Anderson insists
it's too much of a risk
to proceed with
stopping the freighters
The Pierce would be
a sitting duck for the sub
Put me through to the Pierce
Yes, sir
Admiral Anderson
the President wishes to speak
directly to the Captain of the Pierce
Is that a problem?
No, it isn't, sir
He's putting you through, sir
Sir, I'm patching you
through to the bridge now
This is the Captain of the Pierce
this is the President speaking
Mr. President
Is there any way you can
force that sub to the surface
without damaging it or yourself?
I can bring it up, Mr. President
But whether it's damaged or not
is up to the sub
Even if they do force it up
that sub'll be inspected
over the crew's dead
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