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of offensive weapons in Cuba
But no evidence can be shown to us
Perhaps your spy planes are so secret
that you are simply incapable
to present such evidence
Some Planes!
I make the call, Adlai is out
McCloy goes in
simply don't have such evidence
Perhaps the United States of American
is simply mistaken
The United States of America
does not have any facts
it has only falsifications
False evidence...
John, get ready to
send your staffer in. He's coming out
The Chair recognizes
The representative
from the United States of America
Well, let me say something to you
Mr. Ambassador
We do have the evidence
We do have it, and it is clear
and incontrovertible
And let me say something else
Those weapons
must be taken out of Cuba
You, the Soviet Union
have created this new danger
not the United States
Mr. Zorin, I remind you that
the other day you did not deny
the existence of these weapons
but today again
if I heard you correctly
you now say they do not exist
Sir, let me ask you
one simple question
Come on, Adlai. Don't let him off
Do you, Ambassador Zorin
deny that the USSR
has placed and is placing medium
and intermediate range missiles
and sites in Cuba?
Yes or no?
Don't wait for the translation
Yes or no?
I am not in the American courtroom
and I do not wish to
respond to questions...
that a prosecutor
would put to the defendant
You will get all the answers
to your questions...
as this session progresses
You are in the courtroom
of world opinion right now
and you can answer yes or no
You have denied they exist
and I want to know
if I have understood you correctly
Continue your statement
You will get your answers
in due course. Don't worry
I'm prepared to wait for my answer
until Hell freezes over
if that's you decision
John, I'll get back to you
to present the evidence in this room
proving that the Soviet Union
has lied to the world
If you have decided
not to continue your statement
the Chair recognizes
the representative from Chile
I yield my time and the floor to the
representative of the United States
Ladies and gentlemen
since it appears
we're going to be here for a while
shall we have a look at
what the Soviets are doing in Cuba?
May we have the presentation, please?
Ladies and gentlemen
If you will observe in photograph A -
So Adlai had it in him after all
Zorin must not
have gotten instructions
Somebody in their foreign
ministry's blown it big-time
we have October 14th
a photograph taken then
There are at least
three missile sites being constructed
The ship is called the Grozny
We lost track of it
yesterday at nightfall
We thought we gave it plenty of room
when we moved the quarantine line back
We just reacquired it
It crossed the line hours ago
How the hell do you
lose a goddamn tanker?
What the hell's going on over there?
Friday, October 26th
Hail them again
I want you to try them again
We are kidding ourselves
The coordinates for the Pierce
Pierce coordinates, 25 degrees
30 minutes north
78 degrees, 10 minutes west
Not responding, Chief!
Tell the Skipper
They're not responding, sir
General quarters!
All hands man your battle stations!
Very well. Load your guns
Guns are loaded, sir
What was that, Admiral?
We've been hailing the Grozny
for the last hour, Mr. Secretary
The Grozny refuses to stop
What are you doing?
We're carrying out our mission
Mr. Secretary
We're very busy right now
We need to able to do our job
Admiral! I asked you a question
We're going to
follow the rules of engagement
The rules of engagement
which the President
has approved and signed
in his order of 23 October
You may proceed, Captain
Cler your guns
Stop that firing!
Stop that firing!
Cease fire
God help us
That ship was firing starshells!
Starshells -- Flares, Mr. Secretary!
Goddammit, I've got a job to do here!
You've been camped out up there
since Monday night
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