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futuresWhat the...? Who's that?
You're bad
Who grabbed me?
Who grabbed me?
Who grabbed me?
Honey, you're gonna be late
What'd you grab me for?
Mom, I can't find my shoes for school
They're under the couch
Dad, will you sign
my permission slip for tomorrow?
Give it to your mother
Your mother's arms are full
You got time for pancakes?
Give us another one, Dad
Secretary of Defense?
Dean Rusk
And you get to wax my car
Rusk is State, moron
It's Robert McNamara
Attorney General?
Too Easy!
It's Bobby Kennedy
All right, wise guys. Assistant
Secretary of State for Latin America
That's too hard
Wait a minute
This isn't a permission slip
This is your report card!
Have you seen these grades?
All right. Gotta go
Be good
And I'm talking to you later
Morning, Evelyn
Hi, Ken
Those candies are for the kids
Morning, Floyd
Morning, Mr. O'Donnell
Morning, Jackie
Hi, Kenny
Want a schedule?
Why'd you cross
all my people off the list?
You don't have anybody on it
who means anything
No votes there, there's not money
It's party, Kenny
And the one thing
that we both can be sure of
is that you don't know
how to have a party
Well, party to you, politics to me
So, who do you want? For real
Everyone on my list
I don't want to spend
an entire evening pretending that
your votes and money are more
interesting than they really are
And I want my kids to stop
eating the candy in the Oval Office
That's not me
Then who is it?
I don't rat on my friends
I'm going to take this whole
list thing up with your "friend"
Are you trying to go around me?
Go around you, over you, through you
Whatever it takes
You're starting to bug me
I'll get back to you
Top of the morning, Mr. President
Morning, Kenny
Just ran into your wife
Wanna talk about this party?
You see Homer Capehart's tirade today?
I did
Don't see why
he needs to invent an issue
He's got his election sewn up
Even so
we should still go out for Bayh
It's good groundwork for us in '64
I'm looking for that...
Vietnam thing
The two planes that went down?
It didn't make it before press time
I haven't taken a look
at the West Coast papers yet
but I doubt
we'll see anything 'til tomorrow
I was eating that
No, you weren't
I was
No, you weren't
I was, you bastard
so what have we got today?
That's it
That's the one we're looking for
I nee dot see the president, Kenny
2:30 to 2:45
or 4:30 to 5:00. Take your pick
I need to see him now, Ken
Then go on up
I'll let him know you're coming
That's not what you said
That's not what...
Listen to me
you worthless piece of shit
You will put Daly's man on the circuit
and you'll do it today
You owe your gaddamn job
to this administration
Are you saying I'm not grateful?
Yeah, I can hear how grateful you are
There's a word you need to learn
It's the only word in politics
It's called loyalty
Now, is there any part of this
you don't understand?
This isn't the blessed order
of St. Mary the Meek
You better come in here
What was it you were saying to me
the other day about Cuba?
That it wasn't important
Not as far as the election goes
Can I see that for a second, please?
Here, Kenny. You used to
look down a bombsight for a living
Just ignore the labels
What does that look like to you?
I don't know
What is it?
Our U-2's took these pictures of Soviet
medium- range ballistic missiles in Cuba
They appear to be the SS-4
range of a thousand miles
three megaton nuclear warheads
Seen here in this year's
May Day Parade in Red Square
Jesus Christ in heaven
White House operator
Mr. O'Donnell, please
for Secretary McNamara
White House operator
What the crap is going on today?
That's right
The principals
are assembling in an hour
See you then
Where's Bobby?
He should be here any minute
Oh, good
Where the hell are you?
We're in here
Jesus Christ, guys
What the

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