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those puppies get away, didn't you?
- Never paying attention.
- Well, where was you?
Where wa... I was not
splashing about in the pond!
You've infuriated the old bag.
And if we don't get those puppies back,
then it's quite literally our heads!
- [Engine Cranking]
- Oh, come on!
- [Cranking Stops]
- Right. You better get out
and check the tailpipe.
We've got a condensation problem.
- One of these days...
- [Engine Cranking]
I'm gonna be full-up of you.
[Engine Cranking]
Oh, do come on!
- [Engine Backfires, Starts]
- There! You see?
[Sheep Bleating]
[Puppies Whimpering, Whining]
[Barking, Whining]
- [Barking]
- [Bleating]
[Lucky Crying, Whimpering]
- [Wheezing]
- [Lucky Whimpering, Crying]
[Whimpering Continues]
[Crying Continues]
- [Growls]
- [Cloth Rips]
[Cloth Rips]
[Growling Continues]
Turn the heater on, will ya?
No. Not with this thing
acting the way she is.
I don't want to risk losing power.
I can't stand
the cold no more.
I want heat!
- Oh! No!
- Fire!
Too hot! Too hot!
Aah! Too hot!
Oh, no!
Oh, no! Aah!
- [Officers Chattering]
- [Man On Police Radio]
[Radio Dispatcher]
Suspect apprehended...
- [Dispatcher Continues]
- Your suspicions were justified.
According to the staff,
Miss De Vil left earlier for
a family property in Suffolk.
I have informed
the local police.
Officers there will be
on the lookout for your puppies...
and Miss De Vil.
I only hope we're not too late.
[Crow Caws]
- [Chicken Clucking]
- [Cow Mooing]
[Pigs Grunting]
- [Horse Neighing]
- [Lowing]
[Barks Quietly]
- [Puppy Barking]
- [Burps]
- [Barks]
- [Barking]
[Puppies Whining, Barking]
[Whining, Barking Continue]
[Sinister Chuckling]
[Puppies Barking]
This is extraordinary.
I'm reduced to tramping
through sewage...
because my two imbeciles can't
keep track of a bunch of infant dogs!
- [Cawing]
- [Grunts]
[Grunts, Sniffs]
[All Yelping]
[Electricity Humming]
[Jasper] I do not believe it.
We got no truck, no dogs.
We are so dead.
Number 1 Dead Street, that's us.
Look! Tracks.
I love you.
There you are. You see?
If dogs are so smart,
they wouldn't leave tracks
for wary predators such as us.
- Yeah.
- Now, I've always said that
human beings are essentially superior...
you know, blessed with
faculties of speech and thought
and a couple of other things.
[Whines Quietly]
Don't worry, I won't ruin
your little puppy coat.
I'm just going to
make a few buttonholes.
Where are you, you filthy beast?
Oh, yes.
I love the smell
of near extinction.
- Got it!
- [Squeals]
[Squealing Continues]
[Gasps, Grunts]
- [Barks]
- [Barks]
[All Yelping, Barking]
- [Snorting]
- Oh! Oh-oh! Oh! Oh!
- [Grunting]
- [Cruella Grunts]
Stupidity, you see? That's your problem.
That's what's been holding you back.
If it was up to you,
you'd have taken hold of that wire...
set fire to your undershorts,
cooked your tongue...
before even thinking
it was electrified.
Point taken.
But what are the logs for?
"What are the..."
You see, the...
We stand upon the logs
and hop over...
thereby avoiding painful electric shock.
Right. Mount the log.
Extend leg.
All right.
Now, when I count to three, we jump.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- [Electricity Zapping]
- [Both Yelling]
- [Grunts]
- [Zapping Continues]
[Both Grunting]
- [Zapping Continues]
- [Gibbering]
Useless, disgusting creatures.
I'm sick to think
we breathe the same air.
[Dogs Barking In Distance]
[Gasps] Bingo!
Poor little things.
- [Barking Continues]
- I'm gonna cut you off.
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