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101 далматинец

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If you ask me, they will. I think
they just went looking for the puppies.
You know who did this,
don't you?
I, for one, wouldn't be
the least bit surprised.
She has a horrible temper on her.
The dogs never cared for her.
Dogs have a sixth sense
about things like that.
They can smell ill intentions.
[Whispers] Roger.
- What? What's wrong?
- Nanny, what did
I do with my portfolio?
It's in the nursery closet, dear.
- [Gasps]
- Anita?
She did steal the puppies,
and this is why.
[Sobs] She's going to
kill the puppies.
[Engine Revving]
[Tires Squeal]
[Electricity Humming]
- [Whimpering]
- [Bird Chirping]
- [Grunts]
- [Chirping Continues]
- [Grunts]
- [Barking]
- [Bird Chirps]
- [Grunts]
[Chirping Continues]
[Grunts, Barks]
[Whines] Hmm?
- [Chitters]
- [Zaps]
[Jasper Groans, Sighs]
Right, that's it. Time to let
the little yappers have it.
We ain't supposed to do it.
That's Skinner's job.
Well, Skinner isn't here, is he?
Besides, I don't see why that
little runt should have all the fun.
- [Bottle Shatters]
- How'd you wanna do it?
Well, personally,
I think I favor the fire iron.
- [Yells]
- [Boards Clattering]
[Knock At Door]
Why, that...
that'll be Miss De Vil.
Uh... fix your shirt
and tart up your hair.
Good eve... ning.
Anybody there?
[Panting] Mm-hmm.
[Puppies Whimpering]
[Whimpering, Yelping]
[Puppies Barking]
[Door Creaks]
Maybe we was hearing things.
[Car Horn Honking]
[Honking Continues]
[Honking Continues]
- Oi!
- [Honking Continues]
- Get out of my truck!
- Yeah!
- Go on! Get outta here!
- [Growls]
- [Chittering]
- [Jasper] Yeah!
There's plenty more where that came
from, should you elect to come back.
[Whimpers, Barks]
[Whimpers, Growls]
I don't believe it.
[Barks, Snarls]
- [Panting]
- [Both Grunt]
- [Puppies Yapping]
- [Panting]
- [Barks]
- [Barks]
- [Barking]
- [Whining]
[Whining, Yelping]
I don't care what you say.
We bloody well
better be careful.
Yeah, that's right.
What we better be careful of...
is the huge, thundering macroeconomic
bulk of your stupidity.
[Horace] I ain't takin'
any more lip from you, mate.
Oh, forget about that. We have got
99 stinking puppies to find and kill.
Now get on with it!
[Puppies Yelping]
- [Barking]
- [Barks]
Here, puppies.
Here, puppies.
Pup, pup, pup, pup, puppies.
[Puppy Barking]
[Snickering] Come here,
you speckled lap rat.
[Grunts, Screams]
- [Yelping]
- [Barks]
[Puppies Yelping]
[Puppy Barking]
[Slowly] Stay.
[Whimpers, Barks]
[Puppy Barking]
- [Barking]
- You bug...
You come here!
I'm gonna get you, you little...
- [Screams]
- [Snarls]
[Screaming Continues]
- [Barks]
- [Barks]
Cold. Ah.
[Lucky Yelps]
[Grunting, Shivering]
[Creaking, Grunting]
[Tires Squeal]
[Tires Squeal]
Good evening, madame.
Good evening.
What are you doing
up there?
I'm... I was... I was just
fetching the puppies, ma'am.
And where... are...
the puppies?
Oh! There.
You see, once again...
Madame has, like a laser, gone straight
to the heart of the issue.
It's a quality
I've always admired in her.
"Where are the puppies?
Where are the puppies?" Brilliant.
- [Squeaking]
- Let me just say right now...
that I'm not...
absolutely a hundred percent certain...
where the puppies are.
But if you'll just give me a second,
I'll check with my associate.
Uh, Horace?
Get down from there
and catch those puppies!
Hopelessly stupid, pathetic fools.
- I'll find the bloody mongrels myself.
- [lgnition Starts]
[Engine Cranking]
- [Panting]
- You just had to let
101 далматинец 101 далматинец

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