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We are so dead.
Number 1 Dead Street, that's us.
Look! Tracks!
I love you.
There you are. You see?
Now, if dogs are so smart...
they wouldn't leave tracks
for wary predators such as us.
- Yeah.
- Now, I've always said
that human beings...
are essentially superior.
You know, blessed
with faculties of speech...
and thought and
a couple of other things.
Don't worry. I'm not gonna
ruin your little puppy coat.
I'm just gonna make
a few buttonholes.
Where are you,
you filthy beast?
Oh, yes.
I love the smell
of near extinction.
Got you!
Oh! Oh-oh! Oh, God!
Stupidity, you see? That's your problem.
That's what's been holding you back.
If it was up to you,
you'd have taken hold of that wire...
set fire to your undershorts...
cooked your tongue before
even thinking it was electrified.
Point taken.
But, what are the logs for?
"What are the logs--"
You see, we stand upon the logs...
and hop over...
thereby avoiding
painful electric shock.
- Brilliant.
- Right.
Mount the log.
Extend leg.
Right. Now, when I count
to three, we jump.
- Ready?
- Yes.
Useless, disgusting creatures.
I'm sick to think
we breathe the same air.
Poor little things.
I'm gonna cut you off,
then cut you up.
Darling, red isn't your colour.
Give me the hat.
Give me the hat...
or you'll become a hat.
Give it to me!
Thank the Lord.
We're saved.
- Here you go.
- Up you go.
- Much obliged.
- Nice and easy.
- Watch your heads.
- You're very kind.
Thank you.
Nice and quiet.
- This is lovely.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Nice and warm.
No animals neither.
You beasts!
But I'm not beaten yet.
You've won the battle,
but I'm about to win the wardrobe.
My spotty puppy coat
is in plain sight and leaving tracks.
In a moment,
I'll have what I came for...
while all of you will
end up as sausage meat...
alone on some sad,
plastic plate...
dead and medium red...
no friends, no family, no pulse...
just slapped between two buns...
smothered in onions,
with fries on the side.
Cruella De Vil has the last laugh!
- Miss De Vil.
- Yes?
We have a warrant
for your arrest.
Oh? ls there something wrong?
Stop. What's that up ahead?
Well, will you look at that.
Excuse me, madam,
would you mind standing back?
I've come up with 98 pups.
The two adults make it 100 even.
We've got a hundred here, sir.
Uh, make that
101 Dalmatians, sir.
You've just won gold, silver
and bronze in the Morons Olympics.
- Who won the gold?
- Shut up!
My business, my reputation,
my life...
has been ruined because
you three incompetent twits...
Iet yourselves be out-outsmarted
by a bunch of dumb animals!
And you call
yourselves men. Ha!
I've seen more intelligent
pieces of carpet!
Oh, they're here! Anita!
- The puppies!
- Here-- Oh, my goodness!
- Look at them.
- Oh!
- Oh, Pongo!
- Oh, Perdy!
Oh! That a boy! That a boy!
- They're happy to be home.
- Oh!
Oh, thank you, Officer.
How can we ever repay you?
Well, your dogs were
the only ones with identification tags.
We have no idea
which puppy goes where.
Our records indicate that so far...
nobody has called to claim
the other puppies.
Now, they need a home, or--
well, they go to the pound.
Oh, no. No. No, no,
no, no. Uh-- uh--
Roger, we can't--
Oh, oh, we don't have room.
Well, we'll get a bigger place.
We have 17 as it is.
What's a few more?
We'll work something out.
You'll have dozens
of children, you know.
Well, I won't have them
chewing up the carpets...
barking until all hours
of the night.
All right.
Everyone inside
before we all get cold.
Unload the puppies!
Get ready, get ready.
Excellent villain, mate.
- Thanks, Herbert!
- Congratulations.
Uh, what? Yes, thank you.
Thank you, thank you for--
See you in my office.
We've got terms to sort out.
Okay. Great.
Excellent villain, mate.
I don't be--
I can barely believe it.
Our baby is a year old.
We have a new
101 101

- Donggam
- -200

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