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The Lord, mercifully with
his favor, look upon you...
and so fill you with all
spiritual benediction and grace...
that ye may so live
together in this life...
and in the world to come.
And may you have
life everlasting.
- Amen.
- [Congregation] Amen.
[Church Bells Chiming]
[Chiming Continues]
[Horns Honking]
[Brakes Squealing]
[Engine Sputtering]
Right. Now let me tell you a bit about
this bloke Skinner before we meet him.
Now supposedly,
when he was quite young...
this dog tore open
his throat...
and ripped out
his vocal cords...
leaving him brutally scarred
and completely mute.
- He cannot talk at all.
- [Knocking]
Now pay atten...
Look at me. Pay attention.
This is very important. There are
two things you must not do with Skinner.
Right? One:
Do not look at
the horrendous scar on his neck.
Don't talk to him.
- Understand? Not a word.
- Right.
[Hinges Creaking]
Look at the size
of that scar!
No bloody wonder
you can't talk, mate!
Excuse me just a minute, would you?
[Punching Sound, Falling Sound]
Gol. Bloody gruesome line
of work you're in, Skinner.
The sight of all these deceased
creatures gives me a shrinky winky.
[Clearing Throat]
Much obliged, sunshine.
[Engine Droning]
[Wind Howling]
How could she do this to me?
- Morning, Ma'am.
- Sit!
- Tea?
- Uh, please.
- Uh, please.
- [Muttering]
[Tea Set Clattering]
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ooh, oh, what
a beautiful day, Ma'am.
Blue skies,
birds singing...
the laughter of school children
riding on the gentle breeze...
Get on with it,
you imbecile!
[Clearing Throat]
Well, I, uh...
I have here a present
from Mr. Skinner.
Oh, it's magnificent.
Hello, my beauty.
Oh, come, come.
Come with me.
Come with me, my darling.
Let me see you.
You were a big, bad boy,
weren't you, darling?
Yes, yes, yes.
Siberian tiger suits Madame
very well, indeed.
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
who's the fairest of them all?
[Changes Voice] You are.
[Woman] I remember you were
always very good at drawing...
when you were a little girl.
And now to be with you again
as you start a family of your own...
is like
a dream come true.
Oh, Nanny.
I don't think Roger and I are
quite ready to start a family yet.
Oh, that's a shame.
Aw, well, first the puppies.
Then the babies.
[Keyboard Clicking]
If I've done
my job right, Pongo...
when this new villain comes up, you're
gonna run from the room in a panic.
- [Growling]
- [Keyboard Clicking]
[Barking, Music, Sound Effects]
[Game Sounds Continue]
- [Growling]
-  [Continues]
Got ya!
- [Yawning]
- [Sighing]
It's unmistakable, dear.
It's the look every woman gets when she
knows she's going to be a mother.
Notice how tranquil she is.
Her eyes are soft and warm.
Though you might not see it...
you can certainly feel
that she's smiling.
- It's the smile we wear...
- [Whimpering]
when we're guarding
a precious secret.
And now that she's living
for others as well as herself...
she's eating more.
And every now and again...
for no reason other than she's so happy
with herself, she sighs.
I think you're right, Nanny.
I think she does
look different.
- Oh, my goodness.
- What is it, Nanny?
- [Whimpering]
- Anita...
I think you're going
to have a puppy.
Uh... Oh!
- Thank you so much.
- [Barking]
- A month's time for a checkup, please?
- All right.
See you again soon,
all right?
Well, he said it's all great,
um, the baby's nice and big...
- It's the right size.
- That's wonderful!
- [Indistinct] Oh, no.
- What?
Anita, darling!
- [Barking]
- Oh, Anita.
- [Growling]
- Those dazzling dogs!
And you must be Rufus.
No, it's... it's Roger.
And it's a pleasure, Miss De Vil.
- What's a pleasure?
- Uh, making your acquaintance.
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