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101 далматинец

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s stopped now.
I'll be honest with you, mate.
This job is fast losing its charm.
The housing stinks,
the food's lousy...
the lavatory facilities
are appalling...
and so far, we haven't been
paid so much as one quid.
Oh, will you stop moaning?
Look, this time tomorrow night,
it's all over.
We get our boodle, we'll be out
of here before you can say...
"dead puppies."
Now, go to sleep.
Mr Skinner,
suspicions are mounting.
Police are everywhere.
I want the job done tonight.
Can you do it?
Any way you want.
Poison them. Drown them.
Bash them on the head!
Got any chloroform?
I don't care how you kill the
little beasts. Just do it and do it now!
Pongo and Perdy'll turn up,
won't they?
If you ask me, they will. I think
they just went looking for the puppies.
You know who did this, don't you?
I, for one, wouldn't be
the least bit surprised.
She has a horrible
temper on her.
The dogs never cared for her.
Dogs have a sixth sense
about things like that.
- They can smell ill intentions.
- Roger.
What? What's wrong?
Nanny, what did I do
with my portfolio?
Uh, i-it's in the
nursery closet, dear.
She did steal the puppies,
and this is why.
She's going to kill the puppies.
Right. That's it.
Time to let
the little yappers have it.
We ain't supposed to do it.
That's Skinner's job.
Well, Skinner isn't here, is he?
Besides, I don't see why that
little runt should have all the fun.
- How'd you wanna do it?
- Well, personally...
I think I favour the fire-iron.
Why, that-that--
that'll be Miss De Vil.
Uh, fix your shirt
and tart up your hair.
Good evening.
Hello? Anybody there?
Maybe we was hearin' things.
- Get out of my truck!
- Yeah!
Go on! Get outta here!
Clear out!
Yeah. There's plenty mo-more...
where that came from,
should you elect to come back.
I don't believe it.
I don't care what you say...
we flippin' well better be careful.
Yeah, that's right.
But what we better be careful of...
is the huge, thundering
bulk of your stupidity.
I ain't takin' any more lip
from you, mate.
Oh, forget about that. We have got
99 stinking puppies to find and kill.
Now get on with it!
Here, puppies.
Here, puppies.
Pup, pup, pup, pup, puppies.
Come here, you speckled lap rat.
You bugger!
Come here!
I'm gonna get you, you little--
Good evening, madam.
Good evening. Hello.
What are you doing up there?
I-l'm-- I was-- I was just
fetching the puppies, ma'am.
And where are the puppies?
Oh! There-There.
You see, once again.
Madam has, like a laser...
gone straight to
the heart of the issue.
It-lt's a quality
I've always admired in her.
Where are the puppies?
Where are the puppies?
Brilliant. Uh, well,
let me just say, um, right now...
that I'm not absolutely...
a hundred-percent certain
where the puppies are.
Uh, but-but if you'll
just give me a second...
I'll check with my associate.
Uh, Horace?
Get down from there
and catch those puppies!
Hopelessly stupid, pathetic fools.
I'll find the bloody mongrels myself.
You just had to let
those puppies get away, didn't you?
- Never paying attention.
- Well, where was you?
Where wa-- I was not
splashing about in the pond!
You've infuriated the old bag, and
if we don't get those puppies back...
it is quite literally our heads.
Oh, come on!
Right. You better get out
and check the tailpipe.
We've got
a condensation problem.
One of these days...
I'm gonna be full up of you.
Oh, do come on!
There. You see?
Turn the heater on, will ya?
No. Not with this thing
acting the way she is.
I don't want to risk losing power.
I can't stand the cold no more.
I want heat!
Too hot! Too hot!
Too hot!
Your suspicions were justified.
According to the staff,
Miss De Vil left earlier...
for a family property in Suffolk.
I have informed the local police.
Officers there will be on
the lookout for your puppies...
and Miss De Vil.
I only hope we're
101 далматинец 101 далматинец

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